Maoam Pinballs - Review

Maoam Pinballs: A Great Cheap Treat? [Review]

For today’s review, I will be taking a look at a candy I see all around Ireland: Maoam Pinballs. Apparently, they are just as common around the UK as well, though these are definitely not as popular as their Stripes.

At first, I was a bit nervous about this candy, as the Stripes were out of stock, and the shelve was absolutely packed with Pinballs. I bought them anyway because I had been meaning to try them.

Maoam Pinballs

Even the Pinballs themselves had me concerned, they were spherical candy in different colors. The colors didn’t exactly “pop” either. They were muted tones of pink, orange, brown, red, green, and yellow.

Everything about Maoam Pinballs screamed, “mediocre!” upon first glance. Even the packaging and bag was uninspiring…

Don’t judge a candy by its cover though…

With these expectations, I grabbed an orange one first. I might as well get my least favorite flavor over with first. And then BAM. I was actually pleasantly impressed with the flavor, and the candy as a whole.

Maoam Pinballs Flavors:

I began to move to other flavors, each one impressing me more than the next. From my examination and excessive eating, Maoam Pinballs come in 5 flavors: strawberry, orange, cherry, apple, and lemon.

The Cola-flavored Pinball was definitely the odd man out – though I found it just sweet enough to get a pass. The rest of the flavors were fantastic. Apple was sour with being overpowering. Strawberry was light and fruity. Lemon had a nice citrus flavor. Cherry was a standout.

Maoam Pinballs
Pink = Strawberry, Orange = Orange, Brown = Cola, Red / Dark Pink = Cherry, Green = Apple, Yellow = Lemon

The conclusion?

The balls were chewy and the candy-coating wasn’t at all thick. These almost tasted like sour bonbons. It’s almost like if you got an Airhead and smashed into a really teeny-tiny ball. Each flavor brought something next and exciting to the table. And other than cola they were all kind of sour too – probably a reason I ended up enjoying them.

Overall, I’d give these an OMG. I will have to buy them again to confirm that this rating wasn’t a product of my expectations though!

Where can you find Maoam Pinballs?

Again, Maoam Pinballs are ALL over Europe. You shouldn’t have trouble finding them in These were better than Airheads Bites, but for my American candy-lovers, it’s probably easier to find those! They taste similar. Or try to get them on Amazon using the link below!