How to Cook Beef Brisket

How to Cook Beef Brisket in Different Ways at Home?

How to cook beef brisket? Is that the question you’re searching an answer for? Well, you’re reading the right space but before you learn how to cook a brisket, let us tell you what it is. A beef brisket is usually the boneless breast portion meat of the cow. It’s quite fibrous and tough to slice off the meat when raw. So, here we have four slow and low cooking methods that’ll make your beef brisket tender and juicy.

The only way you can taste the scrumptious flavors of this meat is by cooking it in the lowest heat and longest time as possible. And to do that, we’re here to help you with the best satisfying beef brisket dinner your soul was craving for. Plus, we have introduced two easy recipes you must try after reading the blog.

Slow Cooked Beef Brisket

When you want to learn how to cook beef brisket, keep in mind two important words- slow and low. Whether or not you want to cook the brisket in the stovetop, oven, or the griller, the only way to cook it perfectly is to give it a slew of time and of course, at a low temperature. Here you can choose the best way to cook beef brisket and make it flavorful and tender. With the time you slow cook the beef brisket, toss in some veggies and make a great accompaniment with the flavored meat.

How to Cook Beef Brisket in the Oven

While cooking a small brisket inside the oven, it brings out the complete flavor as it is cooked in a seasoned liquid. It gradually braises the beef meat and makes it extremely tender and invincibly scrumptious to taste. You don’t really need a special utensil to cook the brisket in the oven. Simply use the baking pan and your beef brisket will come out just great!

Prepare the Beef Brisket

Use paper towels to pat dry the beef brisket at first. Then use pepper and salt to season the meat lightly. Finally, start browning the beef brisket in the specified oil your recipe demands.

Prepare the Seasoning Liquid

When you are planning to make slow cooked beef brisket in the oven, you need to make a great good cook liquid. Only that will braise the meat and bring out the best flavor out of it. You can go for a herb and wine flavored cooking liquid for the beef or a barbequed flavor beef brisket. Whichever combination you choose for your liquids, make sure you add 3 cups of fluid for every 4 pounds of beef brisket while cooking it in an oven.

Start Baking the Beef Brisket

Now, you need to gently start placing the seasoned beef brisket in a pan. And then pour out the seasoned cooking liquid onto it. Use a lid to cover it and allow it to cook for as long your recipe tells you to do. Generally, it takes up about three to four hours for every 4 pounds of beef brisket. Once you’re done with the cook, let it sit around for about 15-20 minutes. You need to give it a standing time to allow the flavors to induce into the meat. Soon after, you can start slicing the meat and serve it warm with any veggie accompaniment.

Right Temperature for Cooking Beef Brisket

When you are cooking the beef brisket inside the oven and you want to cook it in a slow and low cooking method, the correct temperature is very important. Usually, the recipes require a temperature of 325°F. But if you’re recipe specifies a different temperature go ahead and do that.

Beef Brisket and Dried Fruits Recipe

Since we’ve given you a vivid idea about how to cook beef brisket in an oven. We thought of giving you one classic beef brisket recipe to try your hands-on. It is quite an easy recipe that you make at home for dinner tonight!

Ingredients You Need

  • Dry Red Wine 1 and ¾ cups.
  • Beef brisket 4-5 pounds. You can trim out the fat according to your wish.
  • Grounded Black Pepper and Salt
  • Paprika according to your spice taste.
  • 2 cups of onions chopped, preferably 4.
  • Bay Leaves 2 pieces
  • Fresh Thyme- 2 sprigs
  • Fresh Parsley- 2 sprigs
  • Beef Broth (Preferably low sodium) 1-2 quarts
  • 3 cups of carrots cut to a 1-inch chunks. Remember to peel it.
  • Small new potatoes around 12 ounces. You can make it into quarters or halves.
  • Dried Prunes 1 cup
  • Dried Apricots 1 cup.

Process to Make the Recipe:

Step 1

First, preheat the oven to a temperature of 325°F. Then add the wine into the oven pan and bring it to boil. Remember to reduce the heat. Allow it to boil for about 9-10 minutes and see if it reduces to its half quantity. In the meantime, take the beef brisket and start seasoning it generously with paprika, pepper, and salt.

Step 2

Then add the onions into the boiling wine and stir well. Then add the brisket and place the onions over the beef brisket. Place the thyme, bay leaves, and parsley into the pot. All the brisket to get covered with the broth and cover it with a lid. Bake it for around 2 hours in the oven. Flip the brisket over and drop in the potatoes, carrots, apricots, and prunes. Put the lid back on and let it bake for another 2 hours. Check if the meat is soft. If not let it bake a little longer.

Step 3

Now, take out all the veggies fruit, and beef brisket and use a foil to cover it up. You need to strain out the fat from the residue liquid and throw it. Then put the pot containing cooking liquid to boil. Remember to put it on simmer and let it remain uncovered. Let it boil for around 30 minutes till the liquid doesn’t reduce. Add some pepper and salt to season it according to your taste. Finally, start slicing the beef brisket and start serving. Lastly, remember to pour out the sauce for extra flavor.

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How to Cook Beef Brisket on a Stovetop

Cooking a beef brisket on a stovetop is almost the same as cooking it in an oven. Drying the meat with a paper towel and seasoning the beef are the initial steps. Bring the liquid to boil on top of the stovetop and add the ingredients. One difference that makes cooking in the oven different from the stovetop is where you cook the meat. Here you need to cook the beef brisket in low heat on the stovetop itself.

Cooking the Beef Brisket

When you want to cook the beef brisket on the stovetop remember to keep all the processes the same as that you do in the oven. Only allow the meat to cook for around 3 hours or more to make the meat very tender and juicy.

Also, another thing you must keep in mind while slow cooking the beef brisket on the stovetop is use a tight-fitting lid. Preferably using a braising pan is the best option to cook when cooking on a stovetop.

How to Cook Beef Brisket in a Slow Cooker

When you think about cooking a beef brisket in a slow cooker, you can be sure it will be pretty much like an oven or stovetop cooked meat. All you need to do is allow the beef brisket to cook in the slow cooker with all the other ingredients. And you won’t have to make the sauce separately.

Prepare the Beef Brisket for a Slow Cooker

First, you need to trim out the fat from the beef brisket. Then start seasoning it with some pepper and salt. Now, have a close look at the shape of the beef brisket. Make the necessary cuts to allow it to fit into the slow cooker. It would be much easier if you used a slow cooker liner to place the meat into the slow cooker. Later, it will be quite easy for you to do a cleanup.

Prepare the Vegetables and the Cooking Liquid

Same as you do it in the stovetop and oven process, make a cooking liquid for the meat. You don’t have to make a very complex sauce mix. Simply use some Worcestershire sauce and water. If the recipe you’re making asks you to add veggies follow the process accordingly.

Slow Cook the Beef Brisket

Now, gently place the seasoned beef brisket on the top of the veggies. Pour out the sauce on top of the beef brisket. If you thinking how long it would take to cook. Then it is best to take a beef brisket cooking time calculator and set it for about 12 hours on low heat. And if you want it a little earlier set it to a 6-hour time limit on a high heat. Then, once the meat is nice and tender start slicing it up from the grains and serve hot.

Martini Beef Brisket Recipe

Now that you know the basics to cook beef brisket on a slow cooker too, we thought of giving you another recipe. Although there are many more recipes for you to try. But we’ve got a simple yet yummy one to try making at home.

Ingredients You Need

  • One Beef Brisket that weighs around 3 pounds.
  • Mixed Peppercorns. Crushed coarsely- 1 tablespoon
  • Cooking Oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Medium-sized onions – 2 finely sliced
  • Tomatoes Crushed- 28 ounces
  • Beef Broth (Preferably low sodium) – 1 cup
  • Fine Herbs crushed – 1 Tablespoon
  • Whipping Cream – ½ cup
  • Dry Vermouth – 2 tablespoons (as per your choice)
  • Vodka – 1 tablespoon (optional)
  • Pimiento-stuffed olives (green)- ½ cup.

Process to Make Recipe

Step 1

Cut off all the fat from the beef. Then season it with some pepper and salt. Use a skillet that is heavy and start browning the beef brisket in steaming hot oil. Then remove the brisket and add the onions. Stir well and wait till it turns soft. Again, add the browned beef with the broth, tomatoes, herbs and Worcestershire. Allow it to come to a boil and then lower the heat. Spoon up some onions on top of the beef brisket and cover it. For about 3 hours let it cook and wait till it turns soft.

Step 2

Then remove the beef brisket and give it a standing time for about 15 minutes. In the meantime, take off the fat from the skillet and allow the mix to boil. Add in the vodka, cream and vermouth. All the mixture to reduce and get a nice consistency. Start slicing the meat and garnish with some olives and thick sauce. Voila! Your exotic dinner is ready! Top of FormBottom of Form


How to Cook Beef Brisket on a Grill

Do you really think that grilling a brisket is quite a difficult task? With numerous smoked beef brisket recipes all over the internet, it shouldn’t be a difficult task at all. Here is the basic process you need to follow when smoking a brisket on a grill. Hang in there and know how easy it is to do!

Prepare the Wood Chips

You’ll need around 2 cups of wood chips to soak it in water. Fill up the container to the brim and let it be for an hour at least. Before using it for grilling drain out the water.

Prepare the Beef Brisket and the Griller

Season the brisket with the seasonings your recipe demands. Use your fingers to rub it well.

Using a charcoal grill

Around a drip pan arrange the medium-sized hot coals. Add hot water to the pan around 1 inch. Then place the wood chips to the coals. Allow the drip pan to be on medium to low heat. Then gently place the beef brisket flat on the grill over the drip pan. Make sure the heat faces the fat side of the meat. Use a lit to cover it and allow it to cook for around 5 hours. Then use a heat tester and check if the brisket has reached a temperature of 190°F and is nice and soft. Keep flipping the meat as when required. But do not add more wood chips in the first 2 hours.

Give the Beef Brisker a Standing Time

After the meat is tender remove the brisket from the grill rack. Then, cover it with a foil and give it a standing time of 15 minutes. After that slice it up through the grains and top it up with your choice of sauce.

Storing Leftover Beef Brisket

All you need to do is cut the briskets into small slices and store them in an airtight container. Place well and top it up with the sauce. Place it in the refrigerator and you’re good to go for the next 4 days. If you want to store it longer place it in the freezer for 3 months. Only remember to reheat it well before serving.

Final Thoughts

You can hardly go wrong in making the classic beef brisket recipes! Use all the tips above meticulously and gift yourself the best meal. Now, that you know how to cook beef brisket well, do leave us some pictures of your dinner date below!