How Can an English KS3 Tutor Help My Child?

Have you thought about hiring an English tutor for your child but are not sure if this is the right move at KS3 level? Know that a lot of children benefit from having a tutor on their side at the start of their educational journey. This means having a tutor at KS3 level and upwards. Since English is a difficult subject and one that is looked at favourably by universities, you will want to make sure that your child achieves good grades from the beginning. Let’s take a closer look at how an English KS3 tutor can help your child.

Understand Difficult Text

Of course, your child is going to be doing a lot of reading in KS3 English. This is a big part of the syllabus and it is important they understand the plot, characters and any underlying themes. They will be tested on this during the year. For example, some texts that children might study include Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. 

If you feel like your child is struggling to understand the texts they are reading, it is going to be helpful to hire a tutor. This allows them extra time to discuss the texts with someone new, as well as receive advice and feedback. For example, check out some tutors at  At TeachTutti, it is simple to find a tutor you like and that has relevant qualifications. You can also select whether you want your child to learn online with a tutor at your home or at the tutor’s home.

Help Improve Writing Skills

One of the first things that your child is going to notice when they make the jump to KS3 English is that there is a lot more writing to do. In particular, they are going to have to learn how to write their own essays, including knowing how to create introductions as well as effective conclusions.

So, this is where a tutor is going to come in. They can go over the structure for creating good essays and allow children the time to practice this. Once your child has this foundation, they are going to find English lessons a lot easier going forward. They will feel confident that they can create their own essays from scratch.

Know How to Analyse and Evaluate

Writing an essay on a novel or poem is not just about reciting what happens in that text. Instead, your child is going to have to analyse the words and phrases used, as well as the themes that run throughout that piece. Then, they will have to create their own evaluation and what they think about it. Indeed, this is a difficult process and some children struggle to get their thoughts down on paper.

That is exactly what a KS3 tutor can help your child do. They can teach them ways to analyse and evaluate text, which are skills they are going to need when studying English at a higher level too. What’s more, they can discuss texts they are studying in class in more detail. This is going to help them gain a better understanding and take their new knowledge to class.

Assistance with Speech and Presentations

Delivering a speech or presentation is something that is incredibly difficult, no matter what age you are. But, it is going to be a task that your child will have to fulfil during KS3 maths. This can include creating a speech and having to deliver it in front of their fellow students, as well as the teacher. This can be a nerve-wracking experience when you have never done it before.

A tutor is going to give your child the opportunity to prepare a speech and deliver it ahead of time. This can give them a massive confidence boost, as well as receive tips on what they can improve upon. Often, this is something that children cannot get in school directly since there are too many students. But, a tutor can work one-to-one with your child to improve their speech delivery and presentation skills.

Focusing on Imaginative Writing

One area that some children struggle with at KS3 level is imaginative writing. There is a lot of freedom in this writing, which means that students can struggle to get their ideas onto paper. But, a tutor is going to know the best ways to bring out the best in your child and help them improve their imaginative writing skills.

Even just having a tutor means that your child can practice imaginative writing ahead of time. It gives them a head start before they have to do it in class and subject their work for a grade from the teacher.