Having Insomnia? Medical Marijuana Can Help

Insomnia is one of the most common sleeping disorders out there, causing symptoms like difficulty sleeping, constant wakefulness and tiredness. 

About 40 million Americans have it to some degree, making it one of the most widespread problems out there. Because of this, many treatments have sprung up over the years promising treatment for the disorder. One of these is medical marijuana (or MMJ).

Medical marijuana has been shown to have positive effects on treating the issue, something recently recognized by the medical community. Accessing it now is easier, making it a well-known medicine for the disorder. 

In fact, you can get a medical marijuana card at TeleLeaf for insomnia. So, how does it work? And can you get a recommendation? Keep reading to find out!

Insomnia Can Be Detrimental to Your Well-Being

Just a single night without proper sleep can leave a person irritable and tired all day. So, if you’re continuously experiencing short sleeping times and difficulty getting a quality doze, you’ll start having other issues that harm your health, relationships and other aspects of your life.

Insomnia has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes and hypertension. It can also cause behavioral issues and mental health problems like depression and anxiety. 

Simply put, sleep is an essential part of normal human function, and getting little of it will cause a lot of complications.

Medical Cannabis for Insomnia: What Does the Research Say?

One of the most promising treatments for insomnia in recent years is medical marijuana. Research has shown that the properties of several MMJ compounds have a similar effect to melatonin. The molecules bind with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, creating a cascade of processes that increase adenosine levels. This is what causes sedation and drowsiness.

And its effects are not limited to inducing sleepiness. MMJ has been documented to reduce the instances of nightmares during the REM cycle. This is especially beneficial for those who have PTSD and anxiety. 

Nightmares are one of the most prevalent symptoms of these disorders, which can either result in wakefulness or unwillingness to sleep. MMJ and insomnia results in better sleep for the person.

Treating Insomnia Symptoms with Medical Cannabis

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Because of the positive effects seen by healthcare experts and researchers, MMJ is now recognized as a medical treatment for a host of diseases and disorders. Among these is insomnia.

Medical Marijuana’s Good Effect on Sleep

The sleep cycle is made up of four stages that last for around 90 minutes per cycle. To wake up refreshed, normal adults need to have at least four to six cycles a night. MMJ helps prolong deep sleep, which involves REM sleep. 

By lengthening these parts of the sleep cycle, medical cannabis helps people wake up feeling refreshed and active. Deeper sleep is also associated with better memory retention and overall quality of sleep.

Medical Marijuana’s Connection With Insomnia

Aside from stress and genetics, insomnia is caused by our hectic modern lifestyles. Our constant exposure to light and stimulation disrupts our natural circadian rhythm, resulting in wakefulness and difficulty sleeping. MMJ resolves this issue in two ways. 

First, it induces sleepiness much like melatonin does. Then, it helps ensure quality sleep by lengthening the deep sleep cycles.

Can You Get Medical Marijuana for Insomnia?

Yes, you can get medical marijuana for sleeping disorders like insomnia. It’s been recognized by the medical community as a way to synchronize your circadian rhythm and sleep cycles. 

You only need to consult a doctor or medical professional, and they will approve your request for a medical marijuana card. 

With it, you can visit dispensaries and obtain cannabis products. Regulations vary from state to state, so be sure you know yours to avoid any legal conflict.

Get Your Card From TeleLeaf

Medical marijuana for insomnia has been a promising treatment that will benefit millions of people. So, if you want to try it for yourself, you can get a medical marijuana card at TeleLeaf for insomnia.