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Handy Tools Every Renter Should Have In their Toolkit

“I need a room in the ladies pg near me, because I can then come home whenever I feel like, and borrow my dad’s toolkit for some interior decor and damage fixing.” Well, if this you, then think again… Will any of that be possible when you move away? Whether you live close to your parents’ house, or in a different city, it’s extremely important to have your own toolkit. 

It is much easier to rent these days as landlords have become more flexible and accommodating than they were in the past. You want to hang a heavy painting? Put a massive nail in the wall. Want to repaint the apartment? They are likely to be okay with that too. But then, you, as a tenant, should not take undue advantage of this and must shoulder certain responsibilities. These include making sure the property stays in a good shape, and the lease agreement is adhered to. If you take care of these two aspects, you should be able to do minor home improvements without making the landlord unhappy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hanging a painting or fixing something, you need the right tools. For minor DIY projects around the house, you don’t necessarily need a large toolbox. A few basic tools, and you are good to go. Let’s look at some of the most important tools you should keep on hand, if you are a tenant—

  • Adhesive strips and hooks

These are perfect for hanging temporary decorations, such as paintings, string lights or wreaths on the front door. There are many ways you can use these plastic hooks and strips throughout the year.

These strips and hooks feature a strong adhesive that is specially formulated to mount even heavy objects on the walls.

These are what you need if your decorating style changes every now and then. Are you unsure about whether they leave any mark on the wall? Well, don’t worry, they are easy to hang, remove and adjust, and they leave no marks. They are a great alternative to drilling holes in the walls.

  • Basic paint tools

Repainting an apartment is one of the easiest home improvement projects that you can undertake as a tenant. If you are a good handyman, the landlord might allow you to paint your apartment. This is a great reason to keep basic paint supplies handy. Yes, large repainting jobs can be complex and require many tools and trips to the construction shop, but we are referring to small touches and repaints you should be able to do without hassle.

  • A reliable reciprocating saw

You should have a reciprocating saw handy when you are doing repairs or home improvement projects. Why is this tool so important? Because it is versatile and flexible, and you can use this tool in almost any scenario where you need to cut through something.

You should, however, research the models available, or consult a professional to help you choose the right one for your budget and needs. It’s small and lightweight so it can be used for all kinds of DIY projects.

  • A variety of cleaning tools and supplies

It goes without saying that you must make sure your apartment is as clean as possible during the ongoing pandemic. However, a simple vacuum cleaner won’t be able to clean up after a large party, or after a home-improvement project. You will need a stronger vacuum, with multiple attachments, along with a mop and wiper.

A steam cleaner can be used to get rid of any stubborn stain. To quickly clean your car or exterior of your house, you might also consider purchasing a portable pressure washer. However, it is not recommended to be used indoors. There are endless uses that you can put a good set of cleaning tools to. So, purchase carefully.

  • A measuring tape

You must have heard the expression, “Measure twice, cut once.” It’s definitely a great advice, but you will need a measuring tape for this. It’s a smart thing to have more than one of them so that when you fail to find one, you can use another.

  • A set of screwdrivers

Screws tend to loosen over time. A set of screwdrivers can be useful for adjusting all types of screws in your apartment. Screwdrivers are able to easily fix loose screws, no matter how small on your doors, kitchen cabinet handles and furniture. Make sure to have at least one flat head, and one crossed head screwdriver. You may also need a torx and star-shaped screwdriver for more specific purposes.

  • A DIY toolbox

Last but not the least, every tenant requires a reliable toolbox. Since each tool serves a different purpose, it’s better to have them all (at least the most basic ones). A professional toolbox is a toolbox that includes every tool that you will ever need to tackle a DIY project. It is a small investment and will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Wrapping up

Modern renters have plenty of options to transform their apartment into a home. But for that, they need the right tools. If you are a tenant, then grabbing the above essential tools could simply help you turn your rental into a dream home. So, the next time you browse the internet, don’t just type in queries like “apartments near me.” Instead look for good apartments, and the right tools to make such an apartment a completely transformed, personalized space.