Summer Home Improvement Projects

5 Summer Home Improvement Projects to Do This Year

Summer is the best season to tackle all your overdue home improvement projects. The days are long, allowing you to chase the sunlight and continue working well into the evening?meaning you can accomplish more in a shorter period of time. The weather also tends to be consistently predictable (albeit hot), so you?ll have a better shot at avoiding those expensive and time-consuming delays that can seriously set back any project.

Looking for ways to take advantage of the season and make some Summer Home Improvement Projects? Here are our top five ideas for renovation projects to do this summer. Use them to strike your inspiration, then break ground and get to work!

Landscape the Yard

Summer is all about spending time with friends and family in the backyard, so make it the focal point of all your seasonal renovations. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is by starting with some simple landscaping.

Hedge the bushes, plant some trees for much-needed shade, and add a few flowerpots for a touch of vibrant color. You may also want to consider laying down hardscape features?such as a retainer wall, concrete bench, or cobblestone path?because they?ll lend a finish that makes the yard appear polished and put-together.

It?s wise to take a conscious approach with xeriscaping to eliminate or reduce the need for supplemental water supply from irrigation. For example, if you live in drier parts of the country, you should choose drought-resistant plants native to the area, so they can survive without an excessive amount of watering. Many homeowners have also made the switch to AstroTurf for a more practical lawn solution that saves a lot of money on utility bills.

Build a Back Deck or Gazebo

A deck is a great way to expand your outdoor living area for a backyard birthday party, family BBQ, or just stargazing beneath the summer sky. You might be surprised to learn that this home improvement project doesn?t have to be as expensive or complicated as you might expect. With some careful planning, you can build one yourself?minus the help of a professional?within a weekend?s time.

Back Deck or Gazebo

If your backyard doesn?t allow space for a deck, You could also consider building a gazebo or trellis for an architectural upgrade in the garden, but bear in mind that these types of projects will require more advanced construction skills. You ought to know that gazebos vary in styles, sizes, and, colours meaning that you have to pick the right?gazebo?to meet your needs.

The goal is to create a livable area where people can sit, relax, dine, and unwind outside during these temperate months. So, even if you don?t have woodwork experience, you can still achieve the same results by adding some ambient string lighting and comfortable patio furniture that draws everyone together.

Install a Grill with Granite Countertops

Those who love to cook out should think about taking their barbequing to the next level by installing a?freestanding bbq grill?with granite countertops. Having readily available surface area will be a total game-changer when it comes to prepping the fare and serving the buffet line.

Depending on how much room is in your budget, adding a mini-fridge to the island fixture will allow you to conveniently store food until its ready to be prepared, as well as the refreshments for you and your guests to save you the need to go in and out of the house anytime someone needs a drink. Silicone mold making is inexpensive and can be used to create all-purpose mats that not only prevent messy grease stains, but also keeps you feeling great while standing on your feet during long summer soirees.

Create an Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you?re looking for a more creative home improvement project that can wow anyone who stops by, shy away from the traditional grill and opt for an outdoor pizza oven instead! We love this option because it will receive plenty of use all year long and provides a fun activity for family and friends. Plus, if you don?t want to go to the DIY route, you can buy a wood burning brick pizza oven bundled in a complete package.

Install a Swimming Pool

This is one of the most expensive home improvement projects you can take on, but installing a pool will add tremendous value to your property should you ever choose to resell it later down the road. And there?s arguably nothing more quintessential to summer than days by the pool, so knocking this project out now can provide a foundation for long-lasting memories in the years that come. If you have an existing pool, it would be a great idea to resurface your pool deck. Aside from adding value to your property, this will also give a decent new appearance to your pool.

What are you working on this Summer Home Improvement Projects? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you want a better view out your window, you can always engage tree removal services if there are any in the way