Tips To Shoot Your Kid's Birthday Party

A Budget-Friendly Take On Celebrating Your Kid’s Birthday This Year

Hosting your kid’s birthday party can often be complete mayhem with so much going around.

There would be kids all over the place having the time of their lives with parents following them around to prevent them from doing something mischievous.

This setup, however, is the perfect scene for a fantastic video. What you need to take care of is to plan before shooting all the chaos.

Tips To Shoot Your Kid’s Birthday Party

You need to ensure the following mentioned tips to obtain immaculate footage of all the hilarious stuff that your child and his/her friends are doing.

1. Shooting in a Sequence

It would be best if you have all the events captured in a well-oriented sequence. While seeing everyone playing around, you might feel that the best strategy is to sit back and record the anarchy.

You don’t have to impose anything on the free spirits of children, but rather pick your events correctly –

Pre Party

  • The birthday wishlist
  • Sending out invitations
  • Deciding the cake
  • Decorations
  • Making goodie bags

Party Day

  • Friends bring presents
  • Entertainment for the kids
  • Sharing jokes, singing, and bursting out in laughter
  • Games and chit-chats
  • Cutting the cake
  • Unboxing Presents
  • Farewell

Capture all these moments carefully in a sequence, or shoot raw footage and later congregate them into a defined order using a decent video editing software.

Party Day

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2. Capturing the Action

Kids get excited because they have friends over, no restrictions or rules, cake, snacks, and gifts.

Your child is losing his/her breath while partying hard with friends. It would be best if you capture all that thrill and amusement, and not merely shooting amateurish footage with no proper angles or event capturing.

3. Walk Around

Don’t just stand in a corner like a decorative, but instead walk through the party and be creative.

Shoot scenes of your child playing around, cutting the cake, gossiping about stuff, and messing around with no restrictions to hold them.

Capture moments dramatically, and be sure to sequence them so that they fit in like puzzle pieces in your storyline.

4. Point of View Shots

You can be creative by adding a few scenes in which the viewer sees the party from the perspective of your child.

These types of shots are called ‘point of view shots, ‘ which involve getting down to their level, literally and shooting precisely what their eyes see.

Capturing The Heart of The Party

1. Friends bring presents

When your child’s friends walk in with presents, make sure to capture the moment when your child receives them.

Capture the moment by kneeling down and just focusing on the subject. You can even move the camera around to make it more dramatic.

It is a good idea to start filming from someone’s shoulder and slowly moving on to the next person’s shoulder to give perspective.

While filming indoors, ensure that you are positioned between your subject and the light source. The camera lens can darken your subject if the background is too bright to handle.

While sending out invitations, you can visit InVideo to help you render a mickey mouse invitation maker for all your kid’s friends.

2. Entertainment for the kids

Entertainment can be brought in for the children by having everybody gather around and watch a performance.

You can have a performer at your house and film the children enjoy their performance. Take a few close-ups of everyone’s faces from behind the performer.

If your kids start playing a game, dance around, and express enjoyment by watching the performer, get indulged with them for even more immersive footage.

3. Sharing jokes, singing, and bursting out in laughter

While being in a party with so many children around, exchanging jokes, singing, and bursting out in laughter is universal.

You need to immerse the viewer by shooting every scene and capture the excitement. Get in the center of the current happening without interrupting, and film everyone’s reactions up close.

Now, step back and tape the scenes from a distance. Doing so would leave you with tons of footage to choose from while rendering the final cut.

4. Games and chit-chats

Parties without games and loads of chats are incomplete. Your child would most certainly indulge in many games with his/her friends, primarily when all of them have gathered in one place.

Your final edited clip should include your child indulging in games and fun activities, and laughing out loud with his/her friends.

5. Cutting the cake

Cake cutting is one of the best moments to capture video of some cute messy faces. Shoot a few face close-ups as-well-as some wide-angle shots of the scene.

You can also try slow motion function as a child puts the first bite of cake in his mouth and his reaction after savoring the flavor.

You can also increase the speed of the scene while editing to depict that the children devoured the entire meal in a couple of seconds. Speed alterations can make your cut more hilarious.

6. Unboxing Presents

Once your kid has received all the presents, it’s time to unbox them all. If your kid happens to be a Disney follower, then nothing beats gifting a Disney Subscription box. Having a number of Disney items and accessories, your child’s joy will have no limit.

You can also tape some flashbacks of your child where they would demand what they wish was inside the presents, so later, you could gift him/her precisely that and capture their first reaction.

7. Farewell

After all the celebration and fun, it’s time to bid farewell and exchange gifts and wishes. Everyone would then exchange parting words and goodbyes.

It can be excellent ending footage if you gather the kids together for a hilarious shot at the end of the party. Ask them to wave goodbye to the camera and say something they enjoyed at the party.

Final Words

The tricks mentioned above can provide you with a better understanding of ways by which you can shoot exciting birthday video using various camera angles and editing techniques.

You need to fit in a few ideas into your finished video to give it a professional touch. All you need is a little planning and some intricate camera angles.