Temporary Tattoos Are the Best

4 Reasons Why Temporary Tattoos Are the Best

The world is in a daze since the release of Prinker. Prinker is a tattoo machine, invented in South Korea. This machine can do the unthinkable ? imprint a temporary tattoo onto your skin. For the past couple of decades, both adults and kids are interested in getting tattoos to express themselves. Adults usually seek a permanent option when opting for a tattoo. However, this option is not available for children. Therefore, it would be a great consideration to look for temporary tattoos for kids. Let?s take a look at all the great reasons why temporary tattoos are the best.

1. They Are Temporary

As humans, our preferences tend to change. There have been instances where people got tattoos and later resented the decision. Take, for instance, a young couple in love. You think you will be together forever and get your names tattooed on one another. However, after the breakup, you recall all the wrong times that led to the split and wished you had never gotten the tattoo in the first place. Although it is feasible to get the tattoo removed, it is quite expensive. Moreover, the process is also painful and time-consuming.?

2. Express Yourself

The 21st century is all about expressing yourself. Previously people mostly expressed themselves in writing, but now new forms have taken place, such as wearing eccentric clothing, creating a unique look with makeup, and getting tattoos. Currently, millions of people worldwide have tattoos of sayings, portraits, and symbols of what means the most to them. However, you can do the same thing with a temporary tattoo you can do way more. Maybe there is an array of items that mean the most to you, and you can?t possibly, so why not get temporary tattoos to express yourself infinitely.?

3. Save Money

Tattoos can be expensive, especially if you wish to get tattooed from a renowned tattoo artist. Why not invest in a single Prinker temporary tattoo machine and tattoo all you want? A one-time investment is all you need to enjoy the world of tattooing. Nevertheless, Prinker is quite economical when compared to the outrageous prices of mobile phones these days. The Prinker can also last you a whole lifetime. However, your future investment would only be of renewing the ink cartridges, which aren?t too expensive as well.

4. Safe for Everyone

It?s no doubt that temporary tattoos are safe for both adults and children alike. The ink in the cartridges are made of cosmetic products. These prodcuts are more harmless and hypoallergenic. Permanent tattoos can lead to stubborn skin rashes, skin cancer, and other skin complications. The ink used in permanent tattooing contains thousands of chemicals that could be detrimental to our health. It has also been found that tattoos can make it harder to spot skin cancer. Furthermore, permanent tattoos do become unsightly over time. Therefore, be wise and don?t take a chance with risking your health or appearance and opt for a temporary option.