Go With These Creative Cakes Online To Propose to Your Girlfriend

A special lady in your life deserves special treatment that should make her feel awesome. Gifting a cake is a wonderful idea to impress your girlfriend. Apart from gifts, cake adds more excitement to the proposal party, which shows how much you love, care for, and support her.

There are various types of cake designs available on online and offline platforms, and if you are confused about which cake to gift your girlfriend to express your love and affection. Here, we are sharing various types of customized cakes which are easily available from any online platform at an affordable price..

1] Dark Chocolate ‘Marry Me’ Cake

If you are looking for a unique way to propose to the love of your life, then dark chocolate ‘Marry Me’ cake is one of the unique cakes which will impress your partner. If you want to make it more interesting, then you can customize it with a special message such as ‘Marry Me’ or ‘Will You Be My Better Half’. You can also order a single or double-layer cake with cherry toppings loaded with cream fillings according to your partner’s preferences.

2] Heart-Embedded Chocolate Cake

If you want to show your affection with a delicious sweet treat that is both beautiful and delicious, then the heart-embedded chocolate cake is one of them. If you are residing in Pune, Mumbai, or nearby places, then you can go with cake delivery in Pune, Mumbai option. You can also customize it with a special message on the top of the cake, such as ‘My Love’, ‘For My Baby’, ‘My Sweetheart’, and so on, and surprise your partner. By receiving this cake, your girlfriend will be feeling extra overwhelmed and delighted.

3] Ferrero Rocher Valentine’s Day Cake

If you want to relish a unique flavor of cake with your loved one, then Ferrero Rocher Valentine’s Day cake is one of the best cakes for proposal. This is such a luscious and well-decorated cake that will definitely steal your partner’s heart. You can order this cake from any online platform at an affordable price.

4] Heart Shape KitKat Rocher Cake

If your partner has chocolate cravings, then this heart-shaped Kitkat Rocher cake is one of the mind-blowing choices among cakes to satiate your partner’s craving. This cake looks so awesome and creative because KitKat is sprinkled all over the cake, which enhances its look and taste also. If you want to make it more romantic, then you can customize it with your partner’s memorable picture.

5] Red Velvet Round ‘I Love You’ Themed Cake

If you get the chance to surprise your dear ones, you can woo her by sending a Red Velvet ‘I Love U’ themed cake. This cake is a mixture of deliciousness and a tint of sweetness, which is baked finely with the toppings of heart that contain red velvet flavor, and in the middle of this cake, you can customize it with ‘ I Love U’. 

6] White Red Strawberry Delight Cake

If your partner loves to eat a strawberry, then white, red strawberry delight cake is an awesome idea to impress her. This cake has a real taste of strawberry from sitting in the comfort of your room. In this cake, dual flavors, one loaded with strawberries and the other with white cream, give the awesome taste of flavor. You can order this cake from an online cake delivery site to impress your partner.

7] Pine Choco Cake

If your partner loves fruit, then pine choco cake is one of the unique cakes for your partner which will light up your occasion. It is a layered vanilla cake with a pineapple filling and whipped chocolate which gives an awesome taste. It is topped with silky buttercream, chocolate drip, and chocolate-covered pineapples. If your partner is not living with you, then you can order this superb cake online and propose to her with a beautiful message. 


From this article, we have shared the above-mentioned creative and beautiful cake to propose to your partner. There are various types of cakes, such as fruit cake, butterscotch, and blueberry cake, and if you want to make it more exciting, then you can add some personal message which will show how much you understand your partner.