face shaving

Everything you need to know about face shaving (for women)

A lot of women are apprehensive about shaving their hair. They think if they use a razor on their face, it would lead to the growth similar to man beard. Is it true? Well, not at all! Shaving your face has a lot of benefits. So, let us take a look at the ultimate benefits of face shaving. 

First – Shaving helps you get rid of dark hair

I am sure you hate that thick and pesky dark hair, which sprouts out at different locations on your neck and face. The best plausible way to get rid of them without causing you any pain or discomfort is via shaving. The best part is, this is faster than all other available methods. 

Second – On a shaved face, it is easier to apply makeup

Sarah, who offers online assignment help Australia, says that when she got rid of her peach fuzz and the dark hair, it got much easier for her to apply makeup. On a clean and clear face, the foundation tends to glide in more smoothly. A lot of women say that when they shave their faces, the product that goes on the face is lesser, and it is easier to blend the makeup. 

Third – Shaving gives you a cleaner skin

Shaving not only helps remove hair from your face but also removes the dead skin from the surface of the skin. Further, when there is no hair, it is harder for the dead skin to build-up, and the breakouts don’t happen. Shaving is believed to be the best way to exfoliate your skin.  

Fourth – Skincare products tend to be more effective on a clear face

Further, another benefit of shaving is that it assures that the skincare products work better on your face. When you shave, the skin is exfoliated, and that makes the product dive deeper into your skin. As a result of this, the antioxidants and the vitamins reach your skin. Moreover, when your applied products work better, it saves you money over time. 

Fifth – It is a quick and easy alternative

There is a multitude of alternatives available to remove dead skin and get rid of facial hair. Some of these include threading, plucking, waxing, etc. However, when you shave your hair, you get rid of dead skin and facial hair quickly, and at the comfort of your home. Sofia, who offers the best digital marketing course online, says that she loves shaving because it does not hurt, unlike waxing or threading. 

After shaving, will you get thicker or darker hair?

The one-word answer to this much-dreaded question is a big NO. When you shave your face, the growth that you’ll get on your face will be just as normal. It wouldn’t be coarser, darker, or thicker. 

Steps to shave your face

Shaving is a quick 4-step process. Let’s take a quick look at it. 

Step 1: Clean your hair

Before you shave, make sure your face is clean. It will assure a close and 100% comfortable shave. You can use any cleanser of your choice, and then pat dry your face with a towel. 

Step 2 – Use a gel or a cream

Just like men, you, too, need a good gel or shaving cream to comfortably shave your face. It will ensure that even after the shave, your skin is hydrated, and there’s no irritation. 

Step 3 – Start the drill

Always use a sharp and fresh razor to get the best shave. It also prevents any form of razor burn. You can use a face razor that’s designed especially for women, such as tinkle razor. 

Step 4 – Moisturize

Once done, thoroughly moisturize your face to avoid any irritation or redness. Also since, post-shaving, all the dead skin is gone, so you have to ensure that your new skin is well hydrated. 

So, be assured, shaving is going to do nothing bad to your face. Go do the drill right away.