Life Savers Gummies – Collisions

I picked up this bag of Life Savers Gummies Collisions at the Sweets and Snacks Expo, where they’d been left out in the press room in hopes that people like me would choose to write about them. Congratulations, Wrigley. You win.

The bag I got was a big share size that was awkwardly proportioned, wider than it was tall. It was supposed to be pulled open along the long side, which again, was awkward, making it hard to open.

The gummies were called Collisions because they were two half gummies of different flavors smooshed together to make one whole gummi. They came in raspberry lemonade, cherry watermelon, and pineapple punch.

All the gummies had a softly chewy and bouncy texture that broke into bits as I chewed them up. Their surface was velvety with a lightly greasy feel that was slightly annoying but tolerable.

Raspberry lemonade was light red and yellow. Obviously, yellow was the lemonade half, which tasted of sweet and mild lemon citrus and lacked any sourness. Red had a mild red fruit flavor, a mix of cherry and light raspberry seediness.

Cherry watermelon was green and dark red. The green tasted of classic candy watermelon, all sweet and floral. The red tasted similar to the raspberry gummy but slightly sweeter and without any raspberry notes.

Finally, pineapple punch was yellow and teal. The yellow pineapple half was sweet with a hint of corey pineapple bitterness, while the teal reminded me of Hawaiian punch (or at least my memory of Hawaiian punch. It’s been years since I had it). The punch side was sweet and floral with a hint of mild tartness.

Pineapple punch was my favorite and gets an OM. The other flavors were fine but nothing too noteworthy, so the bag as a whole gets an O.

Life Savers Fruiteria

This bag of Life Savers Fruiteria caught my attention with its splashy NEW! sign. It kept my attention with an adventurous selection of flavors that included passion fruit and papaya.

It seems that globalization and foodie-ism has trickled down to this once basic brand that started out as a peppermint.

In addition to passion fruit and papaya, the bag also included strawberry, pineapple, and mandarin orange.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Life Savers, they’re life preserver-shaped hard candies that come in mint and fruit flavors. The original 5 flavors were lemon, lime, orange, cherry, and pineapple, so this Fruiteria version represents a 4/5 departure… 3/5 if you consider mandarin orange and orange to be interchangeable.

Strawberry was opaque-with-a-hint-of-translucent pink. It tasted sweet and floral, with a great berry finish.

Pineapple was nearly white and the lightest colored of the bunch. It sweetly captured the essence of pineapple flavor, which I associate with pineapple cores, and had a nice, round flavor.

Mandarin orange was a light, translucent orange. It tasted of bright, tangy tangerines. In the spectrum of candy orange flavors, this was heavy on the tart and easy on the mellow, whereas I believe the original orange Life Saver is more mellow than tart.

A deeply purple O turned out to be passion fruit. I usually associate passion fruit with its yellow innards, but I suppose the purple made for a more striking Saver.

It tasted like a mild raspberry, sweet without much seediness, with a tinge of citrus. I was impressed at how complex the flavor was.

Finally, papaya was orange-colored with a tinge of salmon. It was the only one of the bag that was solidly opaque.

To me, it didn’t taste like fresh papaya, which I usually find rather lightly flavored and thus underwhelming. Instead, I got peachy floral tones with a mango bite and a mellow orange finish. I prefer the Life Saver take!

I really should keep these in my work drawer instead of my current assortment of chocolate Easter candy bought on sale. They’re a great sweet fix, and I wouldn’t chomp through them as quickly as I do chocolate.

Fruiteria (what does that mean, anyway?) presented a nice mix of flavors. I didn’t dislike any of them, and I really liked the mandarin orange and the non-papaya papaya. An OM.

Life Savers Gummies – Sweet Strings N Sour Rings

The candy blogger in me is hyper-attuned to candy packaging that indicates that its contents are a new product. The pseudo-grammar nazi in me is hyper-attuned to instances of annoyingly unnecessary abbreviations. Thus, Life Savers* Sweet Strings N Sour Rings doubly caught my eye.

Actually, that’s only sort of true. There’s a lot going on on the front of this bag! So I didn’t notice the “New” splotch and the irksome “N” until I was photographing it.

Blatantly obvious statement of the day: the hook with these guys is that there are two types of gummies. The strings are sweet – raspberry and cherry to be precise – while the rings are sour – fruit punch and green apple.

I was a little disappointed that the strings were straight sticks instead of the jaunty S curves depicted on the bag. Luckily, my disappointment was tempered by the discovery of a single mutant ring that was doubly flavored – a chimera, if you will.

The strings were on the softer side of the gummi texture spectrum, with no bounce and a pretty yielding give. They were coated with sweet sugar.

Cherry (the darker red) was mellow and floral with a plasticky/artificial undertone, while raspberry was very sweet with a seedier, less floral taste than that of the cherry.

The rings had a bouncier chew to them. They were covered in sour sugar that was actually noticeably sour. Hooray!

After the sourness dissipated, green apple mellowed out into a round sweetness. Fruit punch, while blue, tasted like a red fruit punch. Hawaiian, to be exact.

The only flavor that I really actively enjoyed was the sour fruit punch. The rest were fine in terms of flavor strength, but the individual flavors weren’t my personal favorites, so the bag, which I did eventually finish, gets an O.

*Life Savers is officially two words, but even Amazon thinks that it’s one word!