The Right Necklace

Choosing The Right Necklace For Every Occasion

The Right Necklace is among the most popular pieces of jewellery almost every woman adorns. And why not? A single necklace can instantly make one look more charming and stunning. All you need to know is how to style them perfectly. 

Nowadays, there is a wide range of necklaces available in the market based on styles, designs, metals used, and so on. While having plenty of options is good, it can create confusion about what to pick and what not to pick. 

To help you out, we have created this small guide on The Right Necklace. Read it and you will know which necklace is the best for a particular event:

  • Weddings- The Right Necklace

Since weddings are also about glitter and glamour, feel free to choose heavy and embellished necklaces. You can go for kundan necklaces if it is a traditional wedding. For Christian weddings, opt for diamond necklaces or gold necklaces. 

One important thing you should keep in mind while buying necklaces is their length and style. Always choose a necklace that complements the neckline and style of the attire. Also when buying gold jewellery for weddings, make sure you check gold necklace designs with weight so that you do not end up buying a heavy and over-the-budget piece while falling for designs.

  • Parties

You can experiment with different necklace styles for parties. But again, the necklace should complement your dress’ neckline and style. For instance, if you are wearing a deep neck dress and want to steal the show, opt for a classy choker piece. But let’s say you are wearing a kanjivaram saree, then going for a solid gold necklace with temple-style jewellery is your best bet. You can also layer different necklaces if that matches the vibe of your attire. 

  • Office 

Minimalism should be your motto when styling a necklace for offices or any other formal occasions. You should try to pick necklaces that are quite simple in design. Pendant necklaces are the best when it comes to corporate settings. Pair them with plain gold bangles and it will look perfect. You can choose a diamond or a gold pendant to sustain grace and professionalism.

However, you can wear a statement necklace in case there is a special day or meeting and you want to be the centre of attraction. In that case too, go for subtle pieces that are not too glittery or colourful. 

  • Casual Outing

Wearing a shirt and want to style a necklace over it? It is possible if you only knew which necklace to choose. We would suggest you to go for long necklaces with a bold pendant. They can give the right amount of edge to a simple shirt. You can also use the same style for a t-shirt or a dress. Nowadays, layered chains are also becoming quite popular among women. They can pair them with studs and stacked rings to get a chic and cool look. 

In case you are planning to wear an Indo-western outfit, then go for statement silver necklaces, especially chokers. Pair them with jhumkas and you are good to go!

  • Date

Dates are special and memorable moments. Thus, you need a necklace that is both romantic and sexy. For this, look for pieces in which you feel comfortable and confident. This will ensure that you will put your best and true self on the date. 

As for suggestions, it will depend on the time and dress you are wearing. If you are going on a night date and wearing a dress, go for a bold piece that reflects your style. In case you are going for an outdoor café, wear dainty necklaces with pendants or pearls to add charm and elegance to your attire. 

Done reading? Well, then start the shopping spree. Just make sure that you buy the jewellery from a trusted store.