Australian Designers

Why Australian Designers are so hot right now

Fashion is a highly saturated industry with designers popping up everywhere. Some designers make it to the international stage whilst others fail miserably. This article will examine why Aussie brands are so highly sought after in international markets. What sets them apart from other bands that seem to have attempted the same path. Primarily luxury high-end fashion – Australia has captured the hearts and wallets of women all over the world.

One of the most highly sought after brands is Zimmermann. To understand why this is, let’s have a look at how it all began. Nicky and Simone Zimmermann are two sisters, both designers who developed their fashion label in 1991. Their focus was on lifestyle clothing with a distinct focus on femininity in a sophisticated way. Their most popular lines are resort wear of which one can see a demonstration of a common thread. The typical Australian lifestyle is featured throughout,  including beachwear, resort wear and ready to wear elegant pieces. Whilst their style is very frilly and feminine – they espouse strong femininity in all that they create. Their styles relay an understated message: Femininity can be strong. We think they have nailed it!

Based in Australia

Zimmerman is headquartered in Sydney, Australia but has expanded to many countries worldwide with a cult-like appeal. It all began at a famous flea market at Bondi Beach. From there, a store in Paddington was launched. This success leads to a launch in many more stores across Australia. From this retail expansion came New York fashion week and the launching of multiple American stores in big cities like Manhattan, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. European expansion was next. London, Paris and logically the elite playground of St Tropez lead Zimmermann to be one of the most highly sought-after brands in the international luxury fashion market.


The price points vary greatly. Two distinguished lines by price are Ready-to-Wear and Runway. Runway styles can run in excess of $3,000. They tend to be more sophisticated and appeal to a very high-end market. The Ready-to-Wear lines are at a much lower price point and are in high demand at a Zimmermann Sale. These include dresses, skirts, one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, matching coordinated sets, jumpsuits, playsuits, sarongs and even shoes. Shoes include sandals, boots, ankle boots, heels, wedges and more. All their styles contain a common thread of individualistic style recognised entirely as Zimmermann.

The Zimmermann brand

It is often believed that once brands are copied, the brand is iconic. This is very true of the Zimmermann brand. There are multiple counterfeits circulating the online market. Very often the styles are replicated and sold as Zimmermann. Often their style is replicated in an inspired manner with small deviations from the original. Both these forms of imitation point to the fact that they have created an iconic style that is sought after with passion and vigour.

Styles & authentic Zimmermann

Since Zimmermann offers seasonal ranges, it is often possible to access older styles of authentic Zimmermann at more affordable price points. Naked Pear is an online business that focuses on marketing the older stock of Zimmermann, Camilla and Marc, Karen Walker and more. Since the styles of these iconic brands rarely date, Naked Pear is the place to go if seeking a great fashion investment. After all – good fashion doesn’t date, so it shouldn’t matter that they originated from a season or two past.