Things To Do In Austin

Eight Romantic Things To Do In Austin On A Special Day

When was the last time you went on a date with your partner? Since the pandemic has affected us, we all are caught up in our houses. But it’s time to embrace the “new normal”! Why don’t you take your love for a special date? How about spending a romantic day with each other? That will surely amaze you and your partner or maybe get you even much closer to each other! Doesn’t it seem like you are already getting those chills? Are you confused about finalizing a destination? If you are in Austin, you shall be spoilt for choices! Without a doubt, Austin is a perfect choice for a romantic excursion!

Here are some romantic things that you can do in Austin. Adventures, fun, laughter, romance – you will find all in our ideas. Let’s get started!

1. Hiking With Your Sweetheart:

Are you looking for some thrill and ready to pump your heart? Hiking in Austin is a quintessential local activity. There are many parks and green belt areas located throughout the city where you can take your significant one for a hike. Remember, do it only if your partner is interested in it!

 2. Kayak At Town Lake:

What is more romantic than going for a Kayak date with your partner? You can rent a kayak at Town Lake and spend some time with each other isolated amidst nature. Are you looking for some more adventure? Rent paddleboards for more fun and laughter.

3. Watch The Sunset:

Imagine sitting by each other’s side and gazing at the mesmerizing sunset. That might have surely given you goosebumps! You can head to any lakeside area or bridge to enjoy the sunset view. The pink-blue sky with birds and your love by your side is surely going to up the romance to another level.

4. Grab A Coffee And Pastry:

If adventures don’t amaze you, a short, simple date by just grabbing some coffee and a pastry will do your work. How about having this coffee in a romantic place near the lake or above the hill? This type of date is pocket-friendly too! Done in a park, it may feel like a picnic.

5. Plan A Romantic Stay:

Are you looking for some options to take a break and just relax with your partner? There are so many great places in Austin to stay. If you are looking for a luxurious romantic escape – a superb option is Kasa. Kasa living makes you feel like royalty with rooms that you may never want to leave. They have many apartments and hotels packed with amenities, privacy, and cozy interiors. Their pretty cool property will provide you with rooms with a beautiful view that will up your romance quotient. You both certainly won’t regret it!

6. Go To Drive-In Movie:

Are you bored of crammed movie theaters? Are you wondering how to make a movie date romantic? We have a solution! Cuddle up in your car and head to an open theater enjoying a classic movie. Drive-in theaters are just perfect to have an intimate movie-watching experience.

7. Spend A Classic Romantic Evening:

Spend your evening with a romantic dinner at one of the exquisite restaurants in Austin. There are so many places to try here. So, what is your preference? Wood-fired pizza, French or Italian? Or are you looking for some decent veg options? Austin has multiple veggie restaurants that are sure to rock your culinary world. If you both are a big fan of food, this type of date is a thumbs up.

8. Live Music Show:

You can’t leave Austin without checking live music venues here! End your evening with live music shows. Austin hosts many underground jazz bars perfect for cozying up while enjoying a drink or two.

You will be surprised to know that there are so many other things like planning a picnic, going to a zoo, engaging in water sports, and so on. How about having a spa day together? You and your partner will definitely enjoy these fantastic options. So, what is stopping you from planning a romantic day in Austin? Trust us; you will have the best day ever!