6 Fun Games on a Road Trip for Quality Spent Time

6 Fun Games on a Road Trip for Quality Spent Time

Summertime is right around the corner which means you will be hitting the road before you know it to go on those long-awaited summer vacations with your family and friends. As the days get closer, your excitement is going over the top so you are probably already packing your bags and getting ready to enjoy another relaxing and fulfilling holiday with your loved ones. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?And if you want to have the best time ever, then you should definitely consider going on vacation by car. Taking a road trip will give you the opportunity to see some beautiful natural landscapes and engage in new adventures with your travel companions before you actually reach your destination. ? However, long road trips are bound to get boring at some point especially if you will be traveling for several hours. So, in order to make the trip more enjoyable and keep everyone entertained, you can play these six fun games on a road trip to ensure a vacation full of laughter and happy memories.

Jigsaw puzzles

If you are traveling with young children, there is a great possibility that they will get cranky at some point which will certainly affect everyone else?s mood while driving. That?s why you need to be prepared with kid-friendly games that will keep your toddlers busy and engaged throughout the whole trip.

A very popular choice are jigsaw puzzles as they are very versatile and challenging which will definitely keep your children occupied for most of the time. To keep things interesting for them, you should choose custom puzzles with whimsical illustrations like the ones over at Pixels that will be appealing to your children. If you want, you can even hang the completed puzzle in a picture frame and turn it into a souvenir you will certainly cherish.

20 questions

An all-time favorite game that no road trip will be complete without is 20 questions. The rules of the game are pretty simple ? all you need to do is think of a person, place or thing and ask the other travel companions to guess what you have thought of by taking turns and asking yes-or-no questions. Every time a person makes a guess, they get a point. If they don?t solve it after asking 20 questions, they lose.

Children will probably enjoy this road trip game the most. If you are traveling with toddlers, there is a great chance that they will be asking questions constantly, so this game is a perfect way to get it out of their system.

I spy

Another road trip classic game both adults and children enjoy playing is I spy. This game consists of players taking turns selecting an object around them which ideally should be something in the car or that will remain in sight for a while.

The person who ?spies? gives a clue by saying the well-known words of ?I spy, with my little eye, something [color] or something that starts with [letter].? This game can be quite educational for children as you can take the opportunity to teach them new words and phrases.

Plus, it is a great way to help them develop their spelling and grammar skills, especially those who are still getting familiar with the alphabet.

While you were sleeping

If you are traveling with sleepy passengers in the car, then you should opt for a fun game of ?While you were sleeping?. The whole point of the game is to create the most believable story you can when someone falls asleep and then tell it to them as soon as they wake up.

One passenger can begin creating the story, while the other passengers can take turns adding different story ?facts?. When your sleepy traveler wakes up, you have to get them to believe the story. If somebody breaks character or goes off script, they lose points. But, if you successfully fool the person, then each storyteller wins three points.

Because this game requires lots of innovation, it is mostly played by adults.?

Who am I?

?Who am I? is a classic road trip game which can be played both by children and adults while traveling. One person chooses a famous person or a cartoon character to imitate and everyone else tries to guess who it is.

The great thing about this game is that it can be played in a couple of ways. One way is for the passengers to ask yes-or-no questions, while the second way is for the person who is imitating to answer the questions as if they are the celebrity or character.

Your children are probably going to enjoy this game the most as they will most likely choose a funny cartoon character that is also their favorite.


If you are looking for a fun road trip activity, then you can play the Rule game. All you need to do is come up with funny and unique nonsense rules which all passengers must follow.

For example, one rule can be that every time you go under a bridge, everyone needs to bark like a dog or touch the roof of the car. If someone doesn?t obey the rule, they lose points. Whoever gets the most points when you get to your final destination is the winner.

This game can be very enjoyable especially for children who like being goofy sometimes and will definitely make up some really funny rules. After all, it is all about having the most fun and making happy memories with your loved ones while on the road.

Final thoughts

Although many people rely on their mobile phones and tablets to stay entertained while travelling, others turn to road trip games to make the drive more enjoyable. Whether you are travelling for one hour or the whole day, there are plenty of games you can play which passengers of all ages can participate in.

From the alphabet game to solving jigsaw puzzles in the car, make sure you choose the one that everyone likes and will have fun playing.

In case you need help, make sure you borrow some of the ideas mentioned here and ensure a vacation full of laughter and happy memories.?