Lifetime Water Bottles

A Look into Safer, More Environmentally Friendly Lifetime Water Bottles

When it comes to convenience, it can be easy to go for a single use plastic bottle and forget all of the downsides that come with that choice. The negatives might cross your mind, if you are in tune with the dangers, as you throw it into a bin when you’ve finished with it. On the other hand, and, worse still, it might enter and leave some people’s minds as they discard of their plastic, on the floor; Rather use Lifetime Water Bottles-

Do what you can

There isn’t much that can be done for others, other than education, but even that isn’t enough for most, what you can do is to lead by example. One of the wisest choices you could make in 2022 is to buy a reusable water bottle, something like Pura Stainless Steel Bottles which you should never need to throw away and are also Lifetime Water Bottles, should you look after it properly. Not only that, there are designs for the whole family so you’d needn’t worry about yours ‘going missing’.

It’s really important that you start somewhere because, some studies tell us that there are, on average, around a million plastic bottles purchased per minute, which equates to around one and half billion per day! It may seem convenient to buy yourself a throw away bottle of water or similar product but, in the long run, people are going to be hugely inconvenienced when they have to live amongst plastic litter because it takes so long to ‘naturally’ break down or decompose. 

The dangers of plastic

When it comes to our planet and our ecosystem, plastic is disgusting and it’s almost criminal that the long-term effects weren’t addressed or highlighted way back when it first came into development. Some plastics will never decompose, evidence of which can be seen on beaches all over the world as plastic is washed ashore from somewhere on the other side of the world. 

Some of it stays there whereas some of it will move on again with the tide until the ocean is completely full and there is no water left. Ultimately, that is what will happen because there is only so much space on the planet and landfill certainly isn’t the solution, even if people use it.


Next time you are on the Internet take a few minutes to look and to see if there are any eLearning platforms or watch some videos on YouTube, there are thousands of videos that show the extent of our plastic waste damage and how it destroys the habitats of animals and their lives.

It’s not something that is advertised any near as much as that of a fizzy soft drink or tasty cake that you see on TV or in shops. It’s mind-blowing really that the very things that are ruining our world are openly advertised for all to see yet because of financial gain, the effects are not! The products themselves are naturally ‘glorified’ in order to sell them but, what thought goes into the waste that is left behind?

Pass it on

You have to be careful not to push some people the other way but, you should, where you can, pass on what you know or what you’ve learnt when it comes to the dangers of plastic as opposed to the benefits of using a re-usable water bottle. Some will take it on board, others will need a dramatic change of life events for them to take not but, at least you’ve done your bit.