7 Creative Photoshoot Ideas

7 Creative Photoshoot Ideas You Can Try At Home

In 2018, there were close to 120,000 professional photographers with Creative Photoshoot Ideas in the United States.?

If you’re trying to get in the game and get your photos out there, you’ll need to come up with some eye-catching photos. But how can you do that, especially when COVID has you locked at home???

Thankfully, there are plenty of creative photoshoot ideas you can try at home and you can use?best free photo editing software?to edit your pictures.

  1. Get Inspiration from Movies or TV

Since you’ve been quarantined at home, you’ve probably been binge-watching a lot of movies and TV shows. Try and take inspiration from whatever you watched lately.?

You don’t always need to recreate what you saw on the screen, but you can try and create something that’s related to what you watched. You may want to sit down and watch it again with a notebook, writing down any creative idea that pops into your head.?

For example, if you’re watching?Tiger King,?you could try and have someone cosplay as them and take portraits of them. Or maybe you could do something that is tiger-inspired.?

You could take it even a step further and try to mimic the videography techniques of some of your favorite directors for wide range of camera rentals.?

  1. Experiment With Different Props

Even though you’ve been stuck at home, you can try looking at everything from a different perspective. For example, that mirror you have could be a great prop for some mirror photography.?

You may also want to go into your linen closet and take out some of the bedsheets and use those as a backdrop for some of your other photoshoot ideas.?

While white ones work best, any of them can work! White does help to boost the natural light which can help your photo light up more as well. They’re great because they can help add some movement and depth into your photos to bring them to life.?

Another prop that you could use is flowers. Whether they’re fake or real, they help to bring so much color into every photography. You could set them against your??backdrop, or you could even try and capture them when thrown into the air!

  1. Challenge Yourself to Use One Color

If you’re looking for more challenging photoshoot ideas, you could try limiting yourself to just one color in the photo. For example, if you want to use the color yellow, try and find things that are yellow in your home and pair them all together.

Even if you don’t have a lot of yellow objects, you could try painting some of them yellow as well. Some photographers even go so far as to paint their human subject that color to make it all match!?

  1. Photograph Random Objects

While this might seem boring, you might end up with some really awesome photography.?

This could be a great chance for you to practice using different lenses and making sure that you can get your subject in focus. You’ll also have to play around with your aperture setting to decide what’s the right amount of focus for whatever prop you’re holding.?

Sometimes you can also pick up a boring object and make it interesting by having something behind it. You can play around with the backgrounds and the perspective to really make a simple photograph into something deeper and more symbolic.?

  1. Use Shadows

Photographers have been playing around with shadows or sunlight coming through the window into their home, and there are plenty of aesthetic shadow photographs on Instagram that you can use as inspiration.?

Using shadows and daylight can help to add a natural feel to your photo and make it seem more real. It also helps to get the lighting just right, especially if you’re doing it right before sunrise or sunset.?

If you know the light casts shadows on your wall at a certain time during the day, you can even grab different objects to photograph half enveloped by light and half in the shadows.?

  1. Practice Your Portraits

If you’re quarantined at home with someone, you can have them pose for your photoshoots. However, you could also try self-photography using your timer.?

To help get good lighting in your home, you can use a light like?Ellumiglow?or just natural light.?

However, make sure that your portrait is simple. As humans, we are so complex that if you take a good photo, your subject (especially their eyes) will speak for themselves.?

  1. Shoot Floating Objects

If you didn’t want to take a photo of just you holding a random object, you could try and make it look like it’s floating instead!?

This is a big trend lately with minimalist photography. They’re actually very easy to create as well!

You just need a large white paper (or a bed sheet) as your backdrop. You can use anything in the background to help tell the story of your object though. Make sure you also have a source of natural light.?

Next, take multiple photos of your object in different stages, holding each of them separately by hand.? Once you’ve taken those, you can edit the photos and delete your arms with the different layers in the photo-editing software.?

After doing this, it makes it look like the object is floating without your help!

Discover More Creative Photoshoot Ideas

These are only a few of the creative photoshoot ideas that you could try at home, but there are many more that you could try as well!

We know that figuring out what to take photos of can be challenging at times, but we’re here to help you out!?

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