6 Essentials Tools for Your Home Bar

6 Essentials Tools for Your Home Bar

At times we find ourselves at a party and are forced to order drinks from outside or get home services from a certain drinks store. However, it becomes easy when we have the essentials we can use to make the drinks at hand. One does not need to have a big homemade bar. A few simple tools and supplies will do. Below are the essential tools and supplies that will come in handy whether the beverages are complicated or not. These essentials tools for your home bar should at least be present in your home bar since this will make the home bar stand out in its way.

  1. Beer mug

When you decide to take a beer, it is good to choose the best type of beer mug to use. Some types of beer mugs will affect the taste of the beer mostly because of its make.?Wooden beer mugs for sale?are attractive to drink from, and they take in the flavor and aroma of the beverage your drinking at the time and hence will not spoil the beer taste. Ensure that you keep your mugs clean and store them well according to the type of material. Also, you can have a collection of beer mugs to use as you share drinks with friends.

  1. Two-piece shaker?

Two-piece shaker

A two-piece shaker chills the cocktail properly and ensures that the cocktail is well aerated and diluted. The two-piece shaker should not miss in your home bar. In case you will be using dairy or egg whites, the two-piece shaker on top of the cocktail adds a nice foam. The shaker best mixes and chills the drinks when used together with some ice cubes, as a way of stirring your drinks. Use the tumbler side of the two-piece shaker as a glass or mixing cup. This shaker is effortlessly and easy to clean since it doesn?t get clogged up with bits of herbs and fruits.

  1. Jigger

When making home drinks using the essentials at your home bar, many people tend to be more accurate with measures and ingredients. Without even raising a debate, proper proportions will make a drink better, whereas uneven proportions will break your drink, making it unfit to drink. The presence of a jigger in your home bar will ensure precise and properly made cocktails resulting in delicious and better-balanced drinks. The precision brought about by using a jigger makes it possible for you to remove an ingredient. Add a jigger as part of your essentials in your home bar, and it will come in handy.

  1. Quality ice

Quality ice

The best ice cubes to be used in the making of drinks are the tiny half-melted cubes. These cubes are from a gas station. When added to your beverage, the ice cubes make the drink cool and makes you feel too refreshed. Sometimes the ice cubes may not cut the beverage. Therefore, invest in a couple of the best ice cube trays, and from it, you can make better cocktail bar cubes in your home freezer.

  1. Bar spoon

Bar spoon

Whether you are stirring a cocktail or wine, you will need a long-handled bar spoon to make your work easier and classy. So, avoid using your normal or the typical teaspoon since it is wide and too short and won?t cut it as required. When getting a bar spoon, get one with a fork-like tine on the handle end, which will make spearing olives or cherries out of the jar easy. The length of the bar spoon ensures that it reaches the bottom of the tallest tumbler or jug to mix the ingredients well and directly in the glass.

  1. Muddler


This is another basic that should not miss in your home bar. It helps to crush herbs or fruits so that they express their essential juices or oils. The best muddler for this is the one that is sturdy type. A muddler is vital to assist to muddle mint, lime wedges, and sugar cubes, among other additions you need in your drink. When using the muddler, do not overuse it mostly on the citrus peels and herbs since they can make your drink bitter. Thus, it is good to be gentle when using a muddler.