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4 Movie Premiers You Might Have Missed Because of Exams (No Spoilers)

We all know how important getting a degree is in our lives. We go to school, try our best to get as much knowledge as we can, and gain all the necessary skills to enter the university of our dreams. When we become freshmen, we put in all the effort and time to be well-educated and then find a job with a reasonable salary. We even have to find a part-time job while studying as it costs quite a lot nowadays. But also we need some extra money to spend time with our friends by going to the cinema for example.  Sometimes it can be impossible to spend time with your close ones, as today students are overloaded with homework. It’s sad when you have to skip parties or just chill at home on your own by doing relaxing stuff. One of the reasons can be writing tons of essays each day.  The good news is there are services that easily help the students to deal with assignments. When I’m running out of ideas, I usually write my paper with WritePaper writers’ help to be less overwhelmed with all the tasks. In a few moments, highly qualified specialists provide prompt assistance and write as many essays for you as you need. In the end, you will have enough time to devote it to your friends or whatever you want to do. Movie Premiers –

Watching Films, Don’t Cram- Movie Premiers 

No matter what time of the year it is, in what mood you are, at home or in the dorm with friends, one of the best ways to kill time is watching a film. Besides killing time, it’s also the way to get rid of endless stress and daily routine, especially in times of exams. 

While watching films and Movie Premiers , we are actually provided not only with an opportunity to just chill but to experience new feelings and emotions and even become a better version of ourselves. It teaches you to move on, never give up and always believe in yourself and a little magic. Here are the main ways of how movies can help you:

  • You become mature both mentally and emotionally.
  • It entertains you and helps to find a sense of inner peace and harmony.
  • You develop such things as empathy and kindness.
  •  It’s a chance to learn a new language while watching a film in the original by using subtitles.
  • You can find out how to behave in some life situations the characters go through in the film.   

Nowadays, it has become much easier for directors to make a film and be free to express everything they want thanks to the growth of technology. The only thing they need is to implement special effects and sets with the help of modern devices and programs. It can give us a chance to choose the film among so many different genres and even discover the one we have never heard about. 

Latest Movie Premiers

Unfortunately, in times of exams, you are too focused on your studying and work really hard to get high marks. Thus you have no time to relax and keep yourself up to date with the premiers of some new cool movies. But don’t be disappointed and discouraged as this article is prepared specially for such students so that after exams they will be aware of what premiers they have missed. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Speaking about superhero movies, this one will obviously come to your mind. This is an entertaining movie that shows us excellent acting and magnificent action sequences. Besides, it’s the best chance for fans to feel the nostalgia as in this film they will see several former actors again in charters from previous Spider-Man series. The film follows the typical Marvel format, and it’s all about dynamic special effects, clever one-liners, and interactions between characters and villains. The film has already grossed over $1.16 billion.

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

If you are into anime culture, this masterpiece will win your heart. It’s not a film in the traditional sense, but it’s a full-length movie you will not regret watching. Mugen Train is the sequel of the first season of the series, which shows us the fight between the human race and demons. In December 2020, the movie surpassed Spirited Away as the most successful film at the Japanese box office of all time and became the most attended Japanese film all over the world. 

The Last Tree

Unfortunately, we live in a world full of injustice and various discriminations. The Last Tree is a sensitive drama about the coming-of-age narrative that explores the definition of family and addresses the issue of racism. While watching it, we become witnesses of Femi’s life from his young age to adolescence throughout his struggle and efforts to find and settle into his identity. 


Today’s world is the battlefield where we fight not only for equal rights for people but for animals as well. Nowadays, we have technology that can take us to other planets. But even this extreme technological progress doesn’t stop us from treating animals poorly. This film reminds us that not only people have the right to live on this planet. Billions of other species live beside us. 

This movie showcases the life of farm animals. There is no cruelty, no violence, no killing, and no torture in this film. The main idea of it is to remind the audience that all lives matter. And animals are not an exception. They just can’t protect themselves from us.

Final Words

When all exams are done, and you finally have spare time, don’t hesitate to watch a couple of movies to relax. Let yourself dive into the world of breathtaking cinema and escape to another reality. 

We hope this article will save you time on looking for the premieres you might have missed.