Chocolate Limes

These Chocolate Limes were the other candy treat that Ariel and Logan brought me from Bermuda (the other was the excellent Cadbury Time Out that I covered on Wednesday). It turns out that I’ve actually covered a version of this treat in my British Boiled Sweets round-up, only this time I got a fresh bag…

Washington Post Peeps Dioramas

Every year, the Washington Post runs a fun Peeps Diorama contest. This year’s winners are up, and they’re great, as usual. Check them out here. There’s also a Peeple’s Choice contest for the public’s favorite diorama. I like the meta one about the human diorama contest in Peep land, and the pink slime one.

Cadbury Time Out

Cadbury Time Out [Review]

As I’ve noted before, one of the many perks of being a candy blogger is that friends who travel to exotic places often bring me back candy presents. My friends Ariel and Logan returned from a mini-vacation in Bermuda with a couple of candy gifts for me, including this Cadbury Time Out. The wrapper described…

Matzo Crack S’Mores

Back in December, I wrote about Serious Eats’s recipe for matzo crack as a twist on holiday bark. Now the geniuses there have come up with an even better twist – use that matzo crack to make s’mores!  

Snickers Peanut Butter Squared

I’ve never been a big Snickers fan. There have been quite a few varieties of Snickers that haveĀ come and gone, but I’d let them pass me by. I wound up with a Snickers Peanut Butter Squared because my boyfriend wanted to try them. The candy bar pack contained 2 squares of the treat, which sounds…

Gummify Yourself

Technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds – it is now possible to use a 3D body scanner en route to makingĀ a gummy version of yourself! The Japanese company offering the service only charged about $65, but unfortunately only offered 9 slots. Alas, I’ve missed out this time.   Photo from FabCafe.

Senate Candy Drawer

When I was a kid, I loved visiting my mom at work because she had a candy drawer full of full-sized candy bars. Apparently, the U.S. Senate has a rough equivalent, a “candy desk” hiding in the back row of the Republican side. That Senate candy drawer came in handy for Rand Paul as a…

Guest post: Sier Ijscups Chocolade

Ex-pat in the Netherlands Knile is back for the day! ~Rosa It’s been far too long since I’ve been in this space. It’s not for lack of material, believe me. My candy-purchasing has sloped off a bit as I stare at my candy shelf’s growing pile including once-tasty-looking items that are now past their best-by…