Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

I had been eyeing these trapezoid-shaped boxed of chocolate-covered marshmallows at Whole Foods, but I’d never pulled the trigger. When I spotted a similarly shaped box of dark chocolate covered marshmallows at Trader Joe’s but for a dollar less than Whole Foods’s version, it was enough for me to add the box to my cart.

The box promised “light and fluffy marshmallows drenched in smooth, dark chocolate.” The marshmallows were boulder-shaped domes (not the flat squares depicted on the Whole Foods box).

They smelled sweet and a bit earthy from the chocolate. There was just a thin layer of that dark chocolate, and it cracked when I bit into it.

It tasted sweet for a dark chocolate, with a flavor that I found reminiscent of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. There was also a light graininess to its melt.

The marshmallow centers were foamy with an intense squishiness and a decent chewiness. Their sweetness was bright and had a hint of golden syrup‘s amber sweetness to it.

The dark chocolate covered marshmallows were a tad too sweet for my taste. Other than that, they were decent but on the boring side, and I have no desire to buy more or even finish the rest of my box. An O.

  • AnnaZed

    A subjective thing truly because I find these things perfection in every way. I bought them thinking that I might do something cute like cut them in half and nestle them on top of cup cakes; then I ate them all in one sitting. Now I’ve done this more than once. In fact I think my local Joe’s is whiped out. I found that fragile shell just perfect. To each … etc!

  • Chocolate covered anything is delicious; these marshmallows look wonderful. You should try our milk and dark chocolate cinnamon bears, they are addicting.