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15 Best Cookery Schools in London

Whether you are a foodie or an aspiring chef, learning to cook can be a fun and artistic experience. But choosing the right mentor can be a bit challenging. Here are some of the top cookery schools in London that you can pick & choose from according to your preferences.?

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  • School of Wok

As evident from the name, School of Wok is a great choice if you want to master Asian cuisine. Established in 2009 by Jeremy Pang, the school offers courses to learn Japanese, Chinese Vietnamese and Thai cuisines.?

  • Underground Cookery School

Underground Cookery schools is a perfect choice if you want to peruse catering parties as a career. The school not only helps you learn everything about party food but also has a set of team building activities that your catering business can benefit from.?

  • Divertimenti Cookery School

If you want to learn from celebrity food authors, this might be the place for you. At Divertimenti Cookery Schools there is a master class by Sabrina Ghayour revolving around Middle Eastern veg cuisine and another course by the famous Kay Plunkett Hogge designed for authentic Thai cuisine.? The school also offers interesting discounts for its students on various kitchen utensils.?

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  • ?Borough Kitchen Cook School

Borough Kitchen Cookery Schools is known to be very niche specific and focused on helping you master the cooking basics such as knife handling, heating techniques, types of dough and base sauces i.e. the basics of cooking that can be applied to all sorts of cuisine preparation.?

  • Food at 52 Cookery School

If you want to prepare meals appropriate for fine dining, food at 52 Cookery Schools is just the right place for you. They offer multiple courses ranging from Italian, seafood, Moroccan and Vietnamese cuisine. What makes it special is the whole learning ambiance and the cooking techniques from different parts of the world in their courses.?

  • Pied ? Terre

The Pied a Terra Kitchen Masterclass Experience offers a unique chance to spend a couple of days under the mentorship of a Michelin starred restaurant head chef, Asimakis Chaniotis. Although it is a short class but you get to learn 3 interesting dishes in a real time restaurant setting. The good thing is that the classes take place every month so you can sign up at your convenience.?

  • Good & Proper Tea Tastings

Being in London you are aware of the tea culture and the preppiness associated with it. Good & Proper Tea?s monthly tea tasting is not only a learning experience if you want to pursue cookery as a career or want to host fancy tea parties, but it is also a great way to spend a weekend where you learn interesting information about your everyday tea and you get to buy some for later as well.?

This master class will revolve around where and how different kinds of tea are produced, how it tastes and what are the techniques to brew a perfect cup.?

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  • ?Oyster Masterclasses at Wright Brothers

Oysters are one of the finest seafood and while it may be a special event meal for you, the idea of learning it to make it yourself just sounds amazing, that too from one of the best in town i.e. Wright Brothers. This master class has a lot to offer. The master class won?t only show you how to prepare oysters but will also has a recipe book to take along that you can try and experiment with after going back home.?

  • ?WSET Courses

The Wine and Spirits Education Trust isn?t for the laid back learners but it does offer one of the finest courses in wine and spirits. They offer very comprehensive courses with tests and diplomas to show off on your professional resume.

There are also tasting events organised every now and then if you want to learn a thing or two about wine and spirits but aren?t ready to commit for a module based course.?

  • Pasta Remoli

Simone Remoli?s masterclass is just the right fit for you if you want to learn everything about pastas. The elaborate class is spread over 4 weeks of extensive learning and a graduation dinner. You can either book a session individually or the whole course at once.?

This extensive and comprehensive class will teach you all about the preparation, layering, baking and toppings for pasta.?

  • Bread Ahead

As evident from the name, Bread Ahead offers classes to make you an expert in making bread. This seems very relevant in times of lockdown when nearly everyone is baking their own bread. Once you know how good a freshly baked piece of bread tastes, you may never want to go back to buying over the counter bread.?

  • ?Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Well well well, if you are not living under a rock, I?m sure you are aware of the Gordon Ramsey. This class is for you if you take cookery very seriously. The class costs about a 1000 pounds and is definitely worth every dime given because you get to learn an elaborate three course meal from the best chef in town.?

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  • ?Macellaio RC

This masterclass by Macellaio RC is a very good investment to make in your cookery career. You will get to learn about the types of beef used in cooking, special meat cuts, and a handful of dishes that you can prepare from meat.??

  • Meringue Girls

As evident from the name, this class can help you learn all about the deliciousness that meringue is. From different colors to shapes, flavors and presentation, this is a sweet spot for anyone wanting to master meringue.

  • ?Cannon & Cannon?s Meat School

What?s a meal without some meat, right? Well Canon & Canon Meat School offers courses to teach you all about sourcing, cutting, preparation and preservation of various forms of meat using expert advice from farmers, butchers and other industry experts.?

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