white glove logistics

White Glove Logistics: Preparing for a Smart Future

We hear the word ?smart? related to many things; from smartphone to smart-home and everything in between, and the term ?smart? refers to the ability for a digital device to communicate, either with a human or another device. Smart technology is already all around us, while AI is merging with the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a global grid for all digital devices to connect.? What is White Glove Logistics?

The term ?white glove? refers to technical equipment and this sector handles the transportation, final mile positioning and the installation of technical equipment. One of the leading UK white glove logistics companies is Rhenus High Tech, who offer a wide range of services across many business sectors.

The long list of such equipment includes:

  • ATMs & Banking Machines ? Installed, configured and even repaired.
  • Digital Vending Machines ? Installation & service contracts.
  • Medical Equipment ? Lasers, MRI & CAT scanners and robotic arms for complex surgery.
  • Digital Signage ? Touch-screen information boards and HD video screens.
  • Fitness Equipment ? State of the art fitness equipment of all kinds.
  • Access Control Systems ? Found at train stations, sports arenas and entertainment complexes.
  • Manufacturing Robotics ? This is a specialist field and only authorised personnel are permitted to handle such equipment.

Next time you are in the city, take a look around and you will see many examples of hi-tech equipment that is the domain of white glove logistics.

Final Mile Delivery

If the equipment is large and very delicate, it might require final mile delivery; when the white glove provider receives the equipment a short distance from the final position location and they carefully move the equipment into place, before securing it and configuring ready for use. This can be a very complex operation, especially in hospitals where the equipment must negotiate corridors and other tight areas and this requires specialist handling. White glove technicians spend a lot of time learning about specific equipment, often attending workshops at the manufacturing facility, which permits them to work with the equipment. Click here for information about ways to boost employee productivity, which might prove to be invaluable.

Servicing & Maintenance

As the white glove technicians are authorised to work with the equipment, they are typically handed the equipment?s maintenance contract. A large white glove logistics company would handle the installation and repair of all a bank?s ATMs and passbook updating machines, while Bitcoin ATMs are also expected to arrive in the UK soon. The team would have a fully equipped mobile unit and a very heavy schedule to meet, taking responsibility for nationwide coverage, plus there would be emergency white glove teams that can spring into action, should an item of equipment malfunction.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be powered by thousands of low-orbit 5g satellites and this platform will allow all smart devices to connect and be managed by AI and with the white glove logistics field providing essential services, the future is most definitely looking smart.?