Chef Keem’s Handmade Texas Chocolate – Spiced Rum Raisin Chocolate

The wrapper on this chocolate claims that Chef Keem’s chocolate was inspired in Germany and perfected in Austin, TX (my hometown!). Sorry, Chef Keem, but your spice rum raisin chocolate was far from perfect. I found it bland, boring, and unremarkable.

I got this from Cassie in my birthday bag o’ candy. I think she picked it up at a local Austin restaurant that’s big on serving local and/or organic foods. Something like that. The bar looks cutely homemade, with its paper wrapper adorned with a photo of Chef Keem in his whites and cowboy hat. I doubt that this is available outside of Austin. That’s probably for the best.

The bar itself is wrapped in silver foil. Sadly, it had a poor snap, though that could have been due to the warm Texas weather. Still, we opened it indoors in a well air-conditioned home, so I don’t know if the heat was really to blame.

The chocolate was soft and sweet, so sweet that it overshadowed the bland raisins that studded it. Though the wrapper claimed that the chocolate was dark, I found the bar far too sweet to be considered real dark chocolate.

The raisin part was obvious, but neither Cassie nor I tasted any spice or rum in the bar. We both found it one-dimensional and dull. I’ll stick to chocolate-covered raisins, I think.