Wine Tasting like a Pro

Wine Tasting like a Pro | Wine & Food Pairing

Wine tasting like a pro, Yum! Doesn’t that sound amazing and delicious? Wine tasting helps you in finding wines that you’ll enjoy. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to wine. But there are some basic tips that you need to follow for evaluating wine, if it suits you or not. If I’ll, be you, I’ll fly to any  liquor store near me to grab a wine and start practicing Wine Tasting like a Pro .

Wine Glass:- Wine Tasting like a Pro 
Start with a clear wine glass. The rim of the glass bends inwards. The inward angle helps you to smell aromas and allows you to differentiate as well as to stop spilling.

Choose the right Glass:
You can drink from whatever you want but when it comes to wine you’ve to care. Do you know using the right glass improves the taste of wine? And how much do they cost? A fortune? Not at all. Even science says get a better glass dude as its shape matters. As it affects vapor and they affect aromatic substances; which is mostly responsible for taste in wine.


Pour an inch or less of wine into your glass. Start with the lightest wine then move to full bodies. Why? Because the progress from light to heavy will help you build taste buds. By this, you’ll be able to have a sense of evaluation in series. Take a sip after tasting every wine which will help you keep your palate.


Hold the glass up to the light or against a white background to notice the color of the wine. Actually, the color can give you a clue as to the age of the wine. With age white wines generally gain color whereas red lose. Ranging from pale yellow-green to ruby red or brick red, all colours are wonderful to see. 


Swirling is for style and yeah to aerate wine as well. The vapor released then helps you to smell the wine easily and well.

Wine Tasting like a Pro | Wine & Food Pairing

One of the best things the human body poses is the tongue. One of the greatest blessings otherwise how would’ve we enjoyed such tasty things; salty, sour, sweet, etc. Your tongue can touch the wine, feel its texture which can expose you to many factors of wine.

The objective of a wine tasting is to check its quality. Intensity usually varies from low to medium, medium to high. The more the smell, the higher the intensity.


Judge like a Judge
To judge wine like a judge, you need to first use your senses like a master. You need to know how to use your senses right to evaluate the wine as per old-new, origin, taste, and food pairing, etc. 


  1. Look 

Wine Tasting like a Pro | Wine & Food Pairing

A visual inspection is a must when it comes to wine. First of all, you’ll need a neutral light (white) and a glass of wine. This step will hardly take 5-10 seconds. The appearance will tell you a lot about wine if you see it right.

2. Smell

Tasting wine sorta descending order. You got to start from bigger to smaller factors. Like specifying the fruits, their origin, flavoring, etc. You’ve to be open to a variety of factors. There are three basic categories to smell a wine. 

  1. a) Primary Aromas: This one is from the origin of the flavor like fruit, type, etc.
  2. b) Secondary Aromas: Most kind of these is yeast derivatives as this one is by wine-making practice. 
  3. c) Tertiary Aromas: And last but not least this one comes with aging of wine. 


  1. Taste 

We’ll know what taste means right? Our tongues observe the wine better than any other sense. Our tongues can differentiate between sour, salty, sweet, etc. That’s how we know how red or white will taste. 



Now times come for the real thing. You had to judge and decide how was the wine actually with Wine Tasting like a Pro . Now you look for all the factors like balance, uniqueness, taste, etc. that might have impressed you or not. You’ll make a list of all those characteristics and finally, you can decide what are the results. 

Wine & Food Pairing
The truth is you can eat anything while drinking wine but the pairing with food is class. Food-pairing tastes as good as it sounds exciting. But when to drink what wine, doesn’t that sound amazing to you? If you want some advice then you’ve come to the best place.  Following are some time-tested guidelines to help you plan your meals and wine throughout your life as a literate food-lover.

How to pair wine with food?
For all foodies and drinkers, combinations matter. They have certain taste buds that only want delicious things. For them, food pairing with their drink is no less than an art. There are some basic tips and trick-or-say rules that look small but create huge differences when it comes to taste.

Tips for Wine & Food Pairing

i. The wine should be sweet-acidic than the food.
ii. The wine should have the same flavor intensity as your meal.
iii. When having heavy meat, know it’s a red wine that’s best here.
iv. When having light intensity meat, know it’s a red wine that’s best here.
v. Never mismatch the wine and the sauce.
vi. Know what’s best for your taste and fun.

Wine Tasting like a Pro | Wine & Food Pairing4 Flavor Profiles
1. Bitter
2. Salty
3. Sweet
4. Acidic

Some flavoursome Wine & Food pairing you would love to try. 

Wine Food 
Pinor Noir  Earthly flavors like mushrooms, truffles, etc. 
Chardonnay  Fish
Champagne  Salty Food
Dry Rose’ Rich-Cheesy Dishes 
Malbec  Sweet-Spicy BBQ Sauces 
Syrah Highly spicy food 
Zinfandel  Rich Plates

And more. If you want to know about more food and wine pairing, you got to know the top 8 rules for matching food and wine. You should know the rules before you break them, right?

Wine fun-facts
1. Red wines are more bitter.
2. Guess which one is more acidic? White-Rose Wine.
3. A ton of fruits is equal to 720 bottles of wine. Wow!
4. Women get more effect of wine than men. 

  1. One of the most organic drinks? Wine, of course.
    There’s a whole lot world of fun facts about wines waiting for you to explore.