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Why Bounce House Injuries Are Becoming More Common

As more and more parents choose to celebrate birthdays and other events in the comfort of their own homes the popularity of bounce houses and other inflatable amusements has soared, however in certain circumstances unfortunately literally. Bounce house injuries are becoming more and more prevalent as unqualified and unprofessional rental companies attempt to cash in on the popularity of the amusements. Some of those injuries have been caused by strong winds causing the bounce houses to become airborne – with tragic consequences. In Nashua, New Hampshire two children were severely injured when a gust of wind caused the inflatable bounce house they were enjoying to become airborne.

These injuries and others are becoming much more prevalent as the use of inflatable amusements become more popular. In 2003 a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicated that there were around 5,300 injuries related to the use of these amusements – that number had risen to 20,700 by 2016.

There are numerous instances of bounce houses taking to the air – and the reason behind this is usually that the bounce house has not been properly anchored to the ground. Manufacturers also recommend that those using then amusement cease doing so if the weather conditions indicate that there may be a safety issue. However – this advice is often ignored. The problem is made more severe due to the fact that bounce houses have become cheaper. This has meant that private individuals are purchasing the inflatables due to the fact that outright purchase actually compares favorably with rental rates. However, these individuals may not have the experience that commercial operators have – and the results can be tragic.

It’s not just errant gusts of wind that cause injuries to those using bounce houses. There have also been instances where the generator that keeps the bounce house inflated has failed – leading to the collapse of the structure and trapping children inside. There are also cases where shoddy construction and bunched up material have caught trapped limbs – and caused extensive injury. There are still other cases where the number of children using the bounce house at the same time exceeds the recommendations of the manufacturer – and injuries then become more common.

There are no federal regulations governing the use of bounce houses – and this has led to a proliferation of operators who may not be as professional as the more experienced commercial operators. the key to safely using a bounce house is without doubt experience and a professional approach – and the presence of an employee to oversee use at all times. For parents who are contemplating the rental of a bounce house, this should be a requirement that is discussed with the rental company. That employee should be able to control the number of children using the bounce house, ensure that it is properly secured when it is set up and be proficient in the use of the generator that keeps the bounce house inflated. Without this sort of oversight, it is almost inevitable that tragedy will strike again.

Source: Bounce House Accident Attorneys