Whisper Bonbon - Review

Whisper Bonbon: A Discount Milk Chocolate Candy!

I found this Whisper bonbon at the local Dollar store. I was in there on a failed expedition for clothes hangers (still working on setting up the new place!).

Whisper Bonbon

It was labeled “Milk Chocolate Bonbon” at the top. The whole thing was about the size and shape of a golf ball with the bottom third cut off.

The outer coating was a creamy, soft, and sort of greasy milk chocolate. That greasiness must be due to the preponderance of soybean oil in the ingredients list. Yum!

Whisper Bonbon

The chocolate had a light cocoa duskiness and over the top sweetness to it. It reminded me of hot cocoa – the kind that’s made from mix out of a paper envelope.

Immediately below the chocolate was a light wafer shell. It added a stale crunch that didn’t do enough to offset the sweetness of the chocolate coating.

Whisper Bonbon

That center filling was comprised of thick and creamy peanut butter. It was lightly salty and rather nice.

For a cheap dollar store find, this turned out to be surprisingly tasty, mostly thanks to the nice salty-sweet balance to the center. Unfortunately, the wafer shell was a tad too stale, and the chocolate coating was a tad too sweet for it to make it past an O.