Which Technologies Are Being Used in Modern Cars

Modern vehicles have demonstrated their capacity to develop. Consistently, inventions show up in the auto world that topple the idea of vehicles. Gradually descending into the budget or mid-price segments, they enter the masses, after which motorists simply do not understand how they could live without these convenient and so necessary “little things”.

These days, even the most expensive models have become much more accessible and can be rented. So you can not only look at and appreciate the car but also rent a Ferrari in Dubai.

Climate control of the future

What is the problem with usual climate control? It can only maintain a set temperature, but it is not yet able to change it to meet the needs of the driver and passengers. Therefore, the company Ferrari, which patented “climate control of the future”, decided to correct this defect.

The new climate control system uses thermal imaging cameras, which determine the temperature of the driver and passengers. The optimum operation of the system is based on these data, which you may try if rent a brand new Ferrari.

Control by means of thoughts

It turns out, that it is possible to update and refine not only serial automobiles but also concept cars. The engineers of Mercedes-Benz have gone this way, having updated the Vision AVTR prototype. The new concept has got a neurocomputer interface that permits controlling the vehicle with the force of thought. For the time being, we are looking at switching radio broadcasts, changing the lighting and climate control, as well as picking a route to the charging terminals.

Principle of operation: the user concentrates on the symbols appearing on the front panel. As a result, a certain reaction occurs in the cerebral cortex. The device on the head reads the signals, analyzes, and gives the command to execute the recognized instruction. Naturally, there is still a long way to go until the serial implementation of this system, but it is already quite impressive!

Virtual driver in case of trouble

Mazda introduced the Co-Pilot system in 2021, which it plans to equip some production cars in 2022. What’s the unique feature? The driver sometimes gets sick at the wheel: he may have a heart attack or just fall asleep at the wheel. And in this situation, an accident becomes almost inevitable. But what if you use a camera to monitor the driver’s condition and, in case of problems, entrust the control of the car to a robot? The chance of avoiding an accident would increase dramatically, and the system would automatically alert medical services about the driver’s deteriorating condition.

Large medical institutions of Japan took part in the development of advanced technology from Mazda, which managed to collect data on what a healthy driver behind the wheel should look like.

The system is able to quickly recognize when the driver needs urgent medical care, safely stop the car and contact emergency services. And in case of an emergency, the car will start flashing its emergency lights and beeping to warn others.

Similar systems are now being developed by Toyota and Volkswagen which are available for rent in Dubai.

“X-ray” vision for cars

Scientists from Australia have taken an important step to legalize drone cars. They have developed technology that allows cars to see obstacles hidden behind other cars as if with “X-ray” vision. And no harmful radiation is used – the system functions only on “smart” roads equipped with devices that are able to exchange data with cars. The data can be obtained both from fixed cameras and surveillance systems, as well as from other vehicles that have passed the obstacle a little earlier. The principle of collective perception will allow the car to communicate with them wirelessly in the same way as with other cars and put the information received into a single picture.


The capabilities of modern cars are growing rapidly, making everyday life and extraordinary experience for their owners and if you rent a car even more comfortable, dynamic, and bright.