study Law in the U.S

Where to study Law in the U.S?

If you’re ready to apply to study in law schools in the U.S, you are most certainly avid to find out which are the best universities and colleges.

Contrary to what you might have heard, law university rankings from America are by far the most stable one, which has barely changed in the last 20 years. Pretty often, the only contrast is the right order of the first ten universities, which is, to some extent, different every year. With that in mind, you could say the only thing that matters is that you got admitted to one of the best law schools in America, regardless of which one is it.

Moreover, some international students have to follow strict family traditions, which means they have to go to a specific college, the one from which all their family members graduated. But on the other side, it’s tremendously important for others to get admitted to one of the top three or five from one list of rankings. Hopefully, through this article we can help you decide which one of these options are suitable for your academic desires.

Yale University

Yale University is way smaller than Harvard, but for those in need to work closely with their tutors, it can be particularly advantageous, not only that but as we speak, Yale University is considered the second-best law school in the ??????. This law university offers students a diverse range of courses, from public interest law to administrative law. At Yale, international students can delve through subjects such as human rights, international matters, the constitution, and how the law interconnects with journalism and media.

Today, Yale has somehow managed to maintain its solid reputation for producing top graduates with the biggest potential to do great things. Some of the most famous graduates include Bill and Hilary Clinton, who met for the first time in the library.

Stanford University

Universities like Stanford managed to prove that there is so much more about law school apart from simply revising criminal studies in the library. Stanford University takes a new approach to this profession, allowing international students to live and experience law rather than simply read about it.

Armed with cutting-edge research, policy-orientated courses, extensive academic programs, and numerous pro bono opportunities, Stanford international students will be able to delve through the legal history, and if they’re willing to exceed their abilities, they can easily gain a competitive advantage over other students.

New York University

New York University can be an excellent place for those avid to pursue a career in law. If you’re eager to extend your knowledge and better your job prospects, NYU is the perfect place to enable you to thrive.

With over 336 courses, you will be able to reveal the workings of everything from criminal law and family law and immigration to civil rights. If NYU is already on your priority list, it might help to know this school has a great focus on entrepreneurship and careers, preparing the next generation of lawyers to succeed in their chosen field.

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