Wedding Lehengas Of Season

Best And Trending Wedding Lehengas Of The Season

An Indian wedding is a vibrant potpourri of love, fun, and colours. And one of the unique attractions of this spirited affair is the bride?s wedding lehenga. If you are a bride-to-be planning to tie the knot in this wedding season, then you are in for a treat. The bridal bazaar is teeming with gorgeous wedding lehengas, each of them a perfect blend of ethnic and chic looks.

So, to help you pick the best and trending wedding lehengas?of the season for your big day, we have brought together some of the most charming bridal lehenga designs in this article. Explore your way through these lovely lehengas, and we?re sure you will find some inspiration!

10 Trending Wedding Lehenga Designs to Add to Your Wishlist

With the ever-evolving fashion trends, wedding lehengas keep diversifying based on pattern, print, fabric, colour scheme, and other embellishments. Today, there are a plethora of pretty designs for brides to choose from. Some designs are novel and entirely urbane, some a restoration of older styles, and some fashionable fusion of tradition and modernity. Nevertheless, each bridal outfit is an eclectic curation of competence, culture, and craftsmanship. Hence, it can be tough for brides to shortlist the outfits and decide which lehenga is best.

But not anymore, because we are here with our comprehensive list of trends in wedding lehenga. Whether you look for a wedding lehenga online or walk into a designer store, these following suggestions will help you keep the trends in mind and choose accordingly.

Embellished Organza Lehenga

Launched a few years ago in Indian textile markets, Organza sells like hotcakes today. In no time it became the most trending lehenga for weddings. It is a thin, lightweight fabric that is characterized by its shimmery appearance and tissue-like texture. Originally made out of silk, this fabric looks simply resplendent with bright-coloured prints, especially florals. While bridesmaids have been wearing smartly styled organza lehengas for quite some time now, it?s time for the bride to rock this trend on her special day.

Mosaic Lehenga

An artistic pattern of small dainty shapes all over the lehenga would certainly make an arresting bridal look. Finally, making its place in the world of clothing, mosaic can be used for a wedding lehenga in the form of print, applique, or mirror work. Pair it up with a bodacious belt for a quirky bridal look.

Hand-Embroidered Lehenga

Who said that classics could not be trendy? The exquisite craft of hand embroidery has been adorning Indian outfits for centuries. Being an ancient art form and an integral part of the Indian clothing culture adds to its royalty and magnificence. Delicate hand-embroidered designs on lehengas are a staple for weddings and can never go out of style.

Patola Lehenga

Born in the vibrant land of Gujarat, the patola is one of the most aesthetic fabrics out there. This double ikat silk textile is made through a unique form of weaving and bears all kinds of geometric patterns and motifs from nature. Once an object of aristocratic splendour, the patola is among the most trending wedding lehenga designs today. As a patola lehenga is glossy and elaborately filled in itself, it is usually paired with a lightly embellished blouse and heavy dupattas.

Ombre Silk Lehenga

A widely-loved gradient pattern, ombre certainly brings the best out of all colours. Whether you go for a combination of colours or play with shades of one, an ombre lehenga will look elegant. To be more specific, silk works best with an ombre palette, and modern brides are experimenting with all kinds of work on an ombre silk lehenga.

Zari Work Lehenga

Gold and Silver threads intricately woven into beautiful designs are irresistible for a bride who wants a dazzling marriage lehenga. Heavily influenced by the Mughal culture, the art of zari oozes richness and resplendence, and going with this trend will make you feel no less than a queen. So, hurry and check out zari lehengas now.

Pastel-Hued Lehenga

If you follow fashion trends, you will know that the most trending bridal lehenga colors are pastel shades. It is quite likely that the wedding lehenga dress of your dreams can be lathered in such soft hues. The best choice for an open-air wedding during the day is a pastel shade lehenga. It rightly complements a bride?s happiness, given the lovely shades that it comes in. Accessorize it with a fine net dupatta and diamond or crystal jewellery, and you will gather a million compliments.

Patchwork Lehenga

Are you looking for a new trending wedding lehenga? If yes, a patchwork lehenga is just the right fit for you. A patchwork lehenga is created by sewing together differently embellished pieces of fabric into a larger pattern. It is undoubtedly the smartest and sassiest bridal outfit. Patchwork lehenga holds the essence of devout craftsmanship and a myriad of delightful colours. You have to bookmark this lehenga.

Customized Hand-Painted Lehenga

Go offbeat and pour your heart out on your wedding lehenga! You can get your love story or something close to your heart easily hand-painted on your bridal outfit for that special pinch of emotion. After all, it is your lehenga, and it has to be the best wedding lehenga.

Scalloped Lehenga

A trend that will make you feel like a princess is the spectacular scalloped lehenga. These lehengas have a daintily decorated edge which is cut in curves. These curves can be of various styles and sizes and can have more than one layer of fabric, which adorably accentuates the look. So, spice up your bridal lehenga with scallops.

Get The Best And Trending Wedding Lehenga

These were some of the most desirable wedding lehenga designs that are making rounds of the bridal boutiques this season. Weddings are a big milestone for everyone, and the wedding outfit is something that we all treasure for life. Thus, it should be picked after a thorough search for what suits your expectations and best fits your comfort level. We hope our roundup of trendy bridal lehengas has eased the process for you and given you an overview of the popular styles of bridal lehengas.