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What information cyber security certificate is offered by ISACA?

Anyone interested in a career in IT governance, risk assessment, systems auditing, and security management should check out the certifications that ISACA offers. ISACA is a global nonprofit association focused on IT governance. The organization was previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, but is now called ISACA to reflect the wide range of IT governance professionals it serves. We tell you here what ISACA is, its history, its functions and its current situation.

What is the ISACA association?

ISACA is an independent, nonprofit global association dedicated to the development, adoption, and use of globally accepted information systems knowledge and practices. Formerly known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, ISACA is now known only by its acronym.

ISACA provides guidance, benchmarking, and governance tools for companies using information systems. ISACA also hosts a series of international conferences that focus on technical and management topics related to IS assurance, control, security, and IT governance. He also coordinates several certification programs, including Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Information Security Manager, Certified in Enterprise IT Governance, and Information Systems and Risk Control Credentials.

ISACA also developed and continually updates COBIT , a business framework designed to help companies in all industries manage their information and technology.

ISACA currently has more than 110,000 constituents worldwide, in more than 180 countries. ISACA members work in a wide variety of professional positions related to information technology.

Today, ISACA’s constituency of more than 165,000 people worldwide is characterized by its diversity. These professionals live and work in more than 180 countries and cover a variety of IT-related professional positions in the IS/IT audit, risk, security, and governance disciplines, as well as educators, consultants, and regulators. Some are new to their careers, others are at mid-management levels, and others are in the higher ranks. They work in almost every category of industry, including finance and banking, public accounting, government and public sector, utilities, and manufacturing. This diversity allows members to learn from each other and exchange widely divergent views on a variety of professional topics.

Its duties?

ISACA provides practical guidance, benchmarking, and tools for businesses using information systems. Through its publications and comprehensive services, ISACA defines roles for information systems governance, security, audit, and assurance professionals worldwide.

ISACA offers four professional certifications aimed at information systems auditors, IT governance and risk management professionals and managers. Click here to find out more:

 What is your current situation?

The integration of the cybersecurity framework into ISACA’s products has directly contributed to the international success of its cybersecurity products and has been specifically identified as a key element driving adoption of those products by individuals and businesses.

ISACA members have also identified the integration of the Cybersecurity Framework as relevant to all cybersecurity training and certification products, making them a default benchmark in training and professional development.


ISACA is currently present in more than countries, including Spain. ISACA has offices in Barcelona and Madrid.

The cybersecurity framework has helped ISACA provide the “so what” by conveying the importance of cybersecurity to its components in Spain. The Framework reinforces the relevance of the field and solidifies the understanding of the importance of cybersecurity to the missions of organizations you can visit isaca question bank for any further information..

Connecting ISACA cybersecurity training to the cybersecurity framework has provided training development guidance for individuals at all phases of their career path, from the newest insider to the battle-hardened incident responder.

The Framework provides common ground in discussions of cybersecurity. The use of the shared vernacular ensures that a common understanding is at the root of ISACA’s cybersecurity programs and developments.