blocked drain

What Are The Steps To Fix Your Blocked Drain?

Blocked drain is a common plumbing problems that many property owners have to deal with some time or the other. Whether you are dealing with a major clogged drain or find the water draining slowly, it can be quite frustrating to deal with it. Many people do not realize that drain clogs are not that difficult to deal with if they are caught early before they become stubborn and challenging to remove.

Some Steps to Clear Drain Blockages

We at Dr Drain Melbourne provide quick and efficient drain unblocking and other plumbing services. However, we also like to give our clients some tips about how they can handle some minor blockages themselves. Here are the steps to follow:?

  • Boiling Water- This is one of the most straightforward ways to unblock drains. Once you pour boiling water into the affected pipe, it can help in clearing minor blockages as it loosens the debris and grease built up in the drain. But before this, you need to make sure there is no water in the drain. Also, metal pipes will not get impacted by hot water, but thinner PVC ones will. The glue that holds the joints together can melt, and the pipes may warp so be careful while using boiling water.
  • Use a Plunger- Plungers are useful in unclogging drain blocks. The pressure they create helps to suck out the water and debris clogging your drains, dislodging the clog. Most people have dome-shaped plungers in their homes. The ones with flat-bottom rims are designed for clearing bathroom/kitchen sink blocks.?
  • Vinegar and baking soda Mixture- If you are unsuccessful in clearing the block using the methods mentioned above, you should try a mixture of vinegar & baking soda. The chemical reaction caused by these products helps to clear the blockage, and it is an excellent alternative to harsh chemical drain cleaners.

If none of these steps works, call skilled and experienced Blocked Drain Carlton plumbers like us for your blocked drain. We use the latest tools and techniques in our work. We first use a CCTV drain camera to check what is causing the block after which we will use high-pressure water jets and root cutters in the work as required.

For information about unblocking drains and our other services, feel free to contact Dr Drain Melbourne at 0399095110 .