Cannabis Extraction

What Are the Best Methods of Cannabis Extraction?

To understand the origin of the product you are sourcing and the degree to which it has been refined, you need to backtrack. Hence, familiarizing yourself with the methods used by cannabis extraction companies is an advisable proposition. The best practices result in the most potent concentrates. Entities specializing in this line choose their extraction methods based on the ease of operation and quality of the results.

Mainly there exist two groups of cannabis extracts, namely:

  • Solventless extracts devoid of any chemical solvent are conducted with heat, pressure, water, and a sieve.
  • Solvent-based extractions using propane, CO2, alcohol, and butane.

Companies need to have the requisite information when using solvents, as there is a risk of the chemical exploding. Besides, the presence of any residual solvent in the extract is harmful for consumption. So in the case of sourcing extracts obtained using the solvent-based method, a certificate of quality puts all doubts to rest.

The primary purpose of extraction is to obtain the purest cannabis concentration possible. To derive valuable compounds from cannabis plants, extraction companies adopt various techniques. Some methods are superior because they produce quality results in terms of purity. Listing what is considered the best cannabis extraction methods:

CO2 Oil Extraction

This method is known to be safe and environment-friendly as no traces of toxins are left in the final product. Temperature control equipment converts gaseous CO2 into a fluid that efficiently extracts oils and waxes from cannabis.?

The pressure of the non-toxic CO2 compound when applied to cannabis helps extract its valuable concentrate. This concentrated liquid is then put through a separator tank to break it down further. After that, the derived extract is left open to allow the CO2 to evaporate into the atmosphere.

Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol is safe for human consumption; hence, extensively used as a preservative. This effective extraction method involves soaking cannabis in ethanol to extract the former’s valuable properties. Cannabis extraction companies can carry it out under room temperature or even in hot or cold conditions.

After the first stage, another set of purging and purification procedures helps further refine the finished product. All undesired elements are successfully eliminated during the extraction process thanks to the presence of ethanol.

Butane Oil Extraction

This extraction method preserves terpenes present in the original cannabis source. Though butane rapidly extracts cannabis, it warrants a safe production space as this solvent is prone to exploding.?

Since butane produces potent and flavorful extracts, the food and perfume industry commonly rely on this type of extraction. The cannabis plant is first filled into a vessel for this method, and then butane is sprayed on it. After that, the CBD rich butane is transferred to a vacuum oven to facilitate evaporation.

Solventless Extraction

An inexpensive method as this extraction depends on mechanical forces to squeeze out the cannabis oils. Here, cannabis plants are submerged in freezing water, which makes the trichomes fall off.?

You can obtain full-spectrum clean extractions using this safe method. With new advancements in scalability and refinement, solvent-free methods are gaining in popularity.

Focus on the ultimate cannabis extraction goal, that of obtaining the compounds of interest while discarding inactive plant matter.