How to Wear Your Boring Formal Dresses in a Stylish Way

We know that dressing up for an office event is twice as hard as any other party. You have to keep a lot of factors in mind such as looking trendy and classy, being formal while feeling comfortable at the same time. Often, women end up picking out boring long or short formal dresses that do not represent their personality and beauty adequately. 

Right from choosing the perfect colour to deciding shoes, it is indeed a long way to get ready for the office party. That is why we have devised a few styling tips to help all the voguish women deal with this situation:

1. Accessorize

If you accessorize while dressing up then why not do the same with your outfit? A jacket or a belt can go a long way. For instance, pick out straight formal dresses and cinch the waist with a stylish belt. Try to go for a different colour belt instead of coordinating with that of the outfit. You can also choose formal gowns with Bolero jackets to look classy. 

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2. Colour Contrast 

Colour contrasting is a very important tip to jazz up your long formal dresses. Typically, women tend to pick out solid coloured dresses for an office event to keep it simple. However, getting a little frivolous with colours can help in this regard. To begin with, there is black and white- the classic of colour contrasting that not only looks perfect but also makes you look formal and sophisticated. The key is to incorporate darker and lighter shades where they complement each other. 

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3. Rich Fabrics

Luxurious fabrics hugely impact your entire attire. We understand that it’s an office event and you would want to tone it down but can someone really say no to the sheer classiness of satin and velvet? In fact, it will be a perfect chance not to worry about accessorizing or having a perfectly blended makeup because the rich fabrics will capture all the attention. Not to mention, it does add elegance to your attire. 

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Rich Fabrics

4. Have Some Fun With Footwear

It is very important to pick out the correct pair of shoes with your formal and semi-formal dresses. Usually, closed-toe heels of neutral colours are more popular but you can also go for ballet flats. If your dress has a lot of colours, it is a golden opportunity to shop for some printed shoes. Else, stick to darker shades like maroon, black, dark brown and so on. High heel boots look magnificent with short formal dresses. Want to add an edge to the attire? Open-toe strappy heels will be ideal for that. 

Don’t forget to carry a posh handbag that matches with your outfit. It goes perfectly with both business-casual or white-tie formal attires. The ultimate aim of these tips is to help the modern-day busy woman enjoy herself while dressing up rather than restricting their fashion choices. 

Little things like choice of colour or fabric and your accessories and shoes will make a huge difference to your overall style. Make sure you choose the right ones. Happy styling!