Military Haircut Helped

Haircut in Military Style Helped Me Find My Other Half

The idea that men with long hair are considered a more desirable mate in women’s eyes is supported by decades of examples from popular culture and evolutionary psychology. However, a study suggests that a military haircut is associated with just different, but not worse, aspects of male attractiveness. At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference.

The Journey to Finding My Better Half

As a young teenage boy, I always had it long when it came to my hair while I was in school. I loved the fact that I had an endless option of styles I could adopt using my hair; the fact that I had to visit the barber occasionally was an amazing one. 

Of course, it came with its sacrifices, including good maintenance, high cost of good hair products, and the fact that my hair consumes a lot of shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatment products. However, these didn’t deter me as I have always come to love having long hair like a man, and I appreciate other men with the same. My mum had this habit of ringing it in my hairs that long hairs are for ladies and not suitable for men. 

However, for every time she said this, I told myself to consciously block my ears as there are a whole lot of things that she had tried to genderize and since I looked up to a lot of male celebrities whom I loved and who had long hairs, I wasn’t perturbed. I had friends who loved my hair; some were indifferent about it, while others felt I should adopt a military haircut to join the club of the classy Machos. 

We were a group of seven boys who used to do things together way back in school. Virtually everyone in school knew us; however, I realized that something distinguished me from all other: it was my hair. 

People would rather refer to me as the boy with the long or styled hair, and this was because every other person in my caucus had the military hair cut on at that time. Years passed, and we finally graduated, leaving us all to go in search of jobs and find our various footings in our chosen careers. While in school, I subtly liked the fact that my guys were on different styles of military haircuts. 

However, being used to my long hair and the way it has adjusted so much to my face made me fear having to rethink a military haircut. Stanley, one of my guys, was always on the messy buzz cut military haircut style, and there’s a way it reflects his individuality. 

Little wonder, he had a lot of girls hovering around him. Not to say that every other person in the group didn’t have girls gushing over us, but Stanley’s own was striking as we watched most of the girls compliment his haircut from time to time. Well, we all parted ways as most of our career paths were different, but because we all grew up in the same neighborhood, we learned how to keep in touch. 

 I started working with an audit firm after a series of interviews. I was involved with reviewing activities and otherwise achieving organizational objectives, investigating potential theft/fraud, and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and policies. I have come to like this work so much since I started; however, I didn’t know it would add icing to my cake soon enough. 

There was something peculiar about auditing firms around the city I work; they come together to plan a business dinner annually. I met this custom during my early years in the firm as an auditor, and as an employee in one of the audit firms, I decided to attend for the first time. It was a setting where people came with their wives, fiancée, girlfriends. The summary of it all is, no one came on their own. I didn’t have a girlfriend at that moment, not to talk of a wife, and most of my female friends were already hooked up for the weekend, so I decided to go all alone.

I got there, and in the course of the event, luck shined on me as I found Tracy, a fellow single lady auditor sitting all by herself. I approached her, we got talking, exchanged contacts, and that was all for the night. I called her days after, and she didn’t seem to remember me so well, so I decided to let her be. Fast forward to a month after, I finally had a military haircut on for the first time; I decided to try it out after all these years as I resolved to try out new things that month. Everybody had been complimenting me on how good I look and how my masculinity has become obvious. 

Well, on a cold Wednesday morning, Tracy came to my firm on a work basis, and I saw that she kept looking at me, all through the time she had a chance to. Wow! I finally got her attention, I said to myself. She approached me, told me how handsomely masculine my face was and how she thinks we should become friends. Today, Tracy is my beautiful wife and the mother of my two wonderful kids. She would let me have my way with a lot of things but never with changing my hairstyle. Well, except I have to change from the Ivy League which is sported for most of my 20s to the flat cut that is more suited for the managerial role I occupy in my present firm.


Till today, I think the military haircut did the magic for me. Trust me; I’ve not had reasons to keep my hair long since then. The military haircut helps you look serious, collected, confident, and at the very extreme of it all, it may help you find your better half. Well, at least it helped me did.