Visiting Copenhagen: Here?s Where You Need to Go

Copenhagen is a city like no other. Laidback, welcoming, and with a distinctly Scandinavian vibe, it?s filled with tourist attractions. Its unique caf? culture is an especial part of its charm, while its extensive art galleries and cycle-friendly streets provide plenty to see and do. Lets find out what to do when visiting Copenhagen.

While there?s no wrong turn to take if you?re eager to explore, there are certain attractions that shouldn?t be missed. Here, we?ve compiled a list of the cr?me de la cr?me to keep you occupied during your stay. ???

The Tivoli Gardens

Having first opened their gates in 1843, the Tivoli Gardens?are considered a national treasure. Renowned for otherworldly architecture, the beauty of the gardens is such that they were rumored to have inspired Hans Christian Andersen’s novel “The Nightingale” after one visit. He was apparently so roused by the attraction that he went home and wrote the story in one night.

The Tivoli Gardens have a breathtaking entrance opening off of Vesterbrogade and walking beneath the grand arch feels like something from a daydream. ??

It?s not only botanic delights and beautiful vistas you?ll find here: the gardens feature a self-contained village, with a parade of shops and a lantern-lit lake that?s illuminated day and night. In addition, the gardens are a cultural hotspot for entertainment, both local and global. There are open-air theatres and a magnificent concert hall that has boasted performers such as The Beach Boys, Kanye West, and the Petshop Boys. It?s the perfect way to spend a fun-filled day.

Casino Copenhagen

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If you don?t want to spend the entrance fee or would prefer to experience the casino atmosphere from the comfort of your hotel room, you can opt to play online instead. You might wish to check over here for some of the newest internet casinos to have opened in Denmark this year. With many offering welcome bonuses and free spin advantages, it’s worth a peruse to find the right casino for you.

Copenhagen Zoo

If you?re an animal lover who?s passionate about conservation and education, you could head to Copenhagen Zoo for the day. With more than 4,000 animals from around the world, this is a great way to experience wildlife from every continent. The zoo?s most famous attraction is its giant pandas, who have a specially built house where you can see them up close. ?

As well as the animals, there?s some great grub on offer for the foodies out there. With a choice of everything from French-Asian fusion to delicious Danish pastries, you?ll find it impossible to decide what you want to order first. ?

Denmark is a city with a rich history and lots to see and do, but these three attractions are arguably the jewels in its shining crown. Be sure to incorporate them into your itinerary to make the most of your trip to this cool and cosmopolitan capital. ?