Plants and Trees in Thailand

How to Grow Plants and Trees in Thailand?

There are innumerous plants and trees of different varieties in Thailand, and they are grown as wild in the forests or grown in gardens and parks, and other public places. Basically, all plants need good soil, water, light, and air, without which they will not survive for long. Thailand has a good tropical, sub-tropical climate, and in some areas, there exist dry places that have a green cover due to hidden groundwater.?

However, it would help if you grew your own plants and trees in Thailand by searching for suitable spots for vegetation to thrive. In the case of home farming, you need to understand what kind of plants or trees are best for a particular soil condition. Some plants do not need water, yet their numbers are small, and currently, there is another way to grow plants with only water and nutrients, which is termed hydroponics.?

Growing Plants of Various Types in Thailand

Plants need soil, water, light, and air to grow robustly. Most soil areas are prepared first before saplings or seeds are planted. You may find that some soil areas are watered more often when there is no water retention by the soil. You will find a mixture of loamy and organic matter when the soil bed is prepared in other areas. Sometimes, coconut husks are used after chopping them so that plants may draw water from them during the day’s heat.?

Leaf mulch, organic compost, and decomposed animal manure are added to the soil to enrich plants’ growth with essential nutrients. You will find vegetable plants need more water than cacti and succulent plants, although a total lack of water will kill them too. Many people grow plants in pots, yet they need regular watering as their roots do not go deep enough into the soil.?

Purchasing Plants from Nurseries

It is better to purchase plants and tree saplings from the nursery than obtain from the forest. This is because different species of plants cannot survive in a city environment where there are no natural shades. This is especially so in the case of orchids.?

Thai bungor trees and Ratchaphruek are good for decorative and ornamental hedges along your compound boundaries. Again, Lotus, Frangipani, Krachiao, jasmine, Bat flower, Hibiscus, Torch ginger, and Giant Rafflesia are grown along a different area a little far from where you grow vegetables.?

You may plant banana, tropical fruit trees, coconut, rattan, and others along with vegetables. You may purchase all these saplings from your nursery in Thailand, and generally, you also get advice on how to plant and water them. Some people also grow bamboo and ferns in their garden if there is sizeable space for them.?

You will find that growing plants directly on ground soil is different from growing them in pots. Hence, understanding each of your plant’s needs is basic for a beautiful garden. Wilting leaves indicate a lack of water, while burnt leaves mean too much sunlight. For proper instructions, you may contact your online nursery or plant expert.?