Variables Effect Automobile Production

Variables That Effect Automobile Production

Transport is considered a necessity in the modern world. Many people travel internationally for all sorts of reasons. It could be for work and business or even for traveling and vacation purposes. They transport via airplanes in most cases. But to travel locally there are several methods. Most metropolis places have subway and bus transport systems. These are generally cheaper options for the public. Yet a larger number of the populations prefer traveling via their cars. It is interesting to wonder how a large demand can be supplied in a short time. Let’s take a look at the variables that effect automobile production.

Cars are used all over the world. They are the primary method of travel preferred by many people. Since these vehicles have such high demand, providing to the public is difficult. Many orders are given and as such production has to be ramped up. There are many direct and indirect decisions made by companies to increase production. Given below are the variables that can impact production levels for cars.?

The Technology Used

The type of technology used by a factory can be a big indicator of its output. Newer and more advanced technology will naturally be better suited for production. Here are few ways technology is implemented in factories.?


Automation is the name of the game for factories. Robotics are implemented in factories to complete harder tasks. Yet they can also be used for smaller easier tasks. This is all to give more time to the employees for other tasks. Robotics offer precision and accuracy that make fitting parts significantly easier. Factories fitted with state-of-the-art robotics can produce a larger number of cars. These factories are also easier to run with limited manpower. This is because these factories can run automated.?


Computers are needed to relay instructions to robotics and machinery. The type of computer factories use is very important. These can either be really powerful computers or average consumer-grade ones. Powerful ones will be able to keep up with instructions effortlessly. Average-grade computers may start struggling, however. They may also freeze which could even halt production. This is why factories should invest in better-powered computers.

Inventory Management

One of the most important aspects of producing vehicles is inventory management. These vehicles are produced and supplied based on demand. The difference between good inventory management and bad management is severe. Here are the possible benefits or drawbacks of both.?

Good Inventory Management

Factories that have good inventory management can efficiently produce and supply.? These factories can store a large amount of inventory in themselves or storage spaces near them. Good inventory management doesn?t have to mean huge storage spaces. Just in time inventory management is another efficient method. In this method, parts are only ordered when there is a need for them. This allows other inventory to be held and no excess parts.?

Bad Inventory Management

Factories that do not prioritize inventory management may suffer from these drawbacks. This can lead to manufacturing more vehicles than needed. They may eventually sell out however will take inventory space in the meantime. They can also take more orders than they can supply. This could lead to a longer delivery time for consumers. That means the company?s image may also be harmed.?

Cost Of Production

An important variable that can affect the output of production is its cost. The cost of production is also an indicator of the retail price. Many companies prefer to have a lower cost of production. This is because the company earns more profit when there is a lower cost. Here are a few ways cost can be incurred.?

Storage Costs

Factories that hold inventory themselves will incur costs for holding cars. The longer the vehicles will be in storage, the more costs incurred. Similarly, storage spaces can be outsourced but this has its costs too. Outsourcing means paying another company as well as incurring the transport costs. To mitigate these costs better inventory management is key.?

Type Of Car

The type of car directly translates to its cost of production. Luxury cars will be made with more expensive materials. Precise robotics will also be needed to make sure their design is top quality. In comparison, costs can be saved on average consumer-based cars. These do not require the highest quality materials. They can also be made with ease and high expertise is usually not needed. To reduce these costs insert molding technologies can be used for producing the plastic components.?


Marketing affects the overall cost of production for the company. An extensive marketing campaign could mean more customers and sales. But the cost of marketing would significantly increase. Advertisements and sponsorships can be very expensive and in some cases do not pay off. A company should prefer to complete production instead of hindering it by spending more on marketing. Good marketing can even be a catchy slogan but not hundreds of advertisements.?


Vehicles continue to grow and are demanded by consumers with time. Public transport systems have managed to slow down production but not stop it. As such companies are still figuring out ways to diminish costs yet increase profits. It is exciting to wonder how they innovate with the future of automobile production.?