Using the best lavender massage oil and other holistic CFS treatments

Using the best lavender massage oil and other holistic CFS treatments

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), or ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), is thought to affect the lives of up to 24 million people around the world. Doctors don?t yet know what causes ME, but it can affect multiple systems in the body. This results in extreme tiredness, generalized pain, headaches and sore glands, among other symptoms. Find the best massage oil and other holistic CFS treatments.

Natural help with the symptoms of CFS

Although scientists are still searching for a cure for the condition, there are ways of alleviating the distressing symptoms of CFS. People who are diagnosed with CFS can take pharmaceutical medication from their doctor to control the pain, but many of these CFS treatments have unwelcome side effects, including addiction. To pursue a healthier alternative and stay in control of their medication, more and more ME sufferers are turning to holistic remedies.

Incorporate CBD into a soothing massage

Several bodily mechanisms work to relieve pain during a therapeutic massage. Primarily, the sensation of touch disturbs pain signals being sent to the brain by your nerves. The friction created by a massage boosts the temperature of your skin and stimulates the flow of blood, flooding your body with oxygen and healing nutrients. It also decreases muscular knots and tension to give you more flexibility. For the best massage, ensure that you are in a relaxed state and invest in quality products ? the best lavender massage oil blended with CBD will really heighten the feeling of calm. CBD Luxe works with organic cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from cannabis and hemp plants. The pure oil is then used to create tinctures, sprays and lotions that make it easy to experience the benefits of CBD.

Meditation to clear the mind

Chronic pain may be a persistent symptom for people with ME, but conventional CFS treatments can be supplemented with more holistic solutions, such asmeditation. This ancient practice has its roots in Eastern religions, such asBuddhism. The central premise is on people being in the moment, rather than worrying about what?s happening around them. In the long term, meditation can help lessen the impact of pain by refocusing your attention away from the immediate discomfort. If you?re interested in mediation, you can find out more about how to get started online.

Get your eight hours of sleep

Finding a way to unwind and getting ready for bed is essential for all of us, but if you are dealing with ME, it?s especially significant. According to an article published by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, there are numerous reports of ?disturbed and unrefreshed sleep by CFS/ME patients.? You might not be able to make these symptoms disappear altogether, but there are ways of developing a healthy bedtime routine. Deeper and longer periods of sleep can be encouraged by abstaining from caffeine after 5pm, having a relaxing bath in the evening, and starting a journal. If these steps don?t work for you, try a few relaxation techniques before bed or listen to an audiobook. Once you?ve hit on a solution, disrupted sleep could become less frequent.

Exercise within your tolerance levels

Many people who live with ME experience worse symptoms than ever after a bout of exercise. This is a frustrating problem because the physical and emotional benefits of even gentle activity are widely recognized. Often, it?s the case that low-impact regimens are tolerated more successfully. These can be builtup to include longer sessions over a few months, if you feel comfortable. Whether you enjoy walking, horse riding or swimming, the very gradual introduction of an activity is likely to improve your long-term health. If you are nervous about getting started, speak to your doctor and keep a diary to monitor your activities and symptoms. This will help you avoid pushing yourself too far and allows to you see which exercises cause a flare-up.

Treat nausea and eat a healthy diet

Discomfort in the upper part of your stomach is common among people with CFS, and it can quickly put you off eating. Even so, a healthy diet and regular meals are important for supplying our body with energy and essential nutrients. When you can?t manage a full meal, try having small amounts more often and take drinks slowly. Spells of nausea that are not relieved as easily can be managed in different ways. Ginger, in the form of biscuits, crystals or tea, is a tried-and-tested solution favored by pregnant women and people on chemotherapy. Alternatively, try a very simple form of acupuncture with an acupressure band for CFS treatments. These elasticated bands feature a small stud made of plastic. This is placed above the P6 point on your wrist, where pressure is thought to reduce nausea. They come with instructions, so you can get the band in position quickly.

Nurture good mental health

CFS can make everyday tasks a challenge. Coupled with pain, tiredness and nausea, it?s not surprising that patients often experience anxiety and increased stress. To make the most out of each day, you can find a therapist or group to help you cope with feelings of frustration and isolation. Taking about the problem in a safe, supportive space means that you don?t have to face it alone.