Unveiling Dubai’s Exclusive Events: The Best Times to Experience Luxury

Anyone who has visited a major city during a global or world-famous event will recognise the mix of excitement and anticipation which flood the venues and hospitality sites across the destination.

For those looking to visit Dubai, events ranging from the sporting world to retail festivals, fashion launches, and more all connect travellers with the city in increasingly unique and experiential ways. From using the backdrop of the desert cityscape in innovative ways to bringing new experiences and attractions into the city, Dubai’s calendar of exclusive events presents an opportunity for tourists and visitors to explore the city in exciting ways. 

Here are just some of the top exclusive events which are frequently held in Dubai, and why they offer such an exciting backdrop to the city’s luxury for tourists from all walks of life. 

Dubai World Cup

Not to be confused with the football World Cup that we are all so familiar with, the Dubai World Cup is an annual event which centres around the world of horse racing – specifically Thoroughbred horse racing, which takes place at the Meydan racecourse. 

If you’re looking for an exclusive event to spectate, it doesn’t get much more elite than this – with the race recognised around the world as the world’s richest horse race, carrying around $12 million in prizes for the winners. This event takes place on the last Saturday in March, just before the heat of the Dubai summer hits.

Dubai’s Shopping Festival

One cannot visit Dubai and ignore the incredible influence that luxury fashion and retail has on the city. The Dubai Mall is famous for its designer wares and stores – however, retail means more to the city than simply supporting its fashion economy. The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the biggest events that the city hosts, running over seven weeks from mid-December to the end of January, and boasting daily firework displays and light drone shows, markets, A-lister and celebrity appearances, concerts, and more. All of that just to shine light on the annual retail sales which take place across Dubai’s malls – it’s no wonder Dubai is considered one of the leading retail destinations in the world. 

For those heading to Dubai specifically for its retail landscape and to immerse themselves in high end designer shops and luxury retail experiences, becoming a VIP shopper is up there as one of the most coveted must-do experiences. As a VIP shopper, you enjoy access to amenities and facilities in The Dubai Mall which are not open to the public – including a luxury lounge, valet parking, exclusive events and launches, and more. To join, you must spend AED100,000 or more.

Dubai International Film Festival

What better way to bring high end luxury right into the heart of Dubai than with an event which draws A-listers and celebrities from all walks of life directly into the city. The Dubai International Film Festival is held towards the beginning of the year and marks a celebration of the very best that cinema has to offer – bringing individuals from the world of cinema together to celebrate new film releases, introduce red carpet glamour, and promote behind the scenes interviews and exclusive looks at new features and more. 

One of the reasons why this festival is so loved by the film industry lies in the way it bridges different cultures, languages, and genres so seamlessly. 

Dubai International Boat Show

It doesn’t get much elite than an event which is centred around the biggest and most luxurious yachts in the world – all collecting in the waters which surround the city of Dubai. World famous yacht and boating brands join forces with VIPs, live entertainers, and more to celebrate the most refined creations in the yachting world. 

Every year brings a new layer to the concept of luxury yachting – with this event made even more exclusive by its one-day-only status in the calendar.  

Visiting Dubai – knowing which event to attend

This blog has introduced just four of the many luxury and exclusive events which are held across Dubai on an annual basis. Covering all corners of the luxury landscape, Dubai frequently invites high profile individuals to explore the city through different events and experiences – but which one appeals to you the most?