A Traveler’s Guide To The Best Beaches in Florida

Florida is a peninsula and has roughly 1,350 miles of coastline, with about 663 miles of those being beach miles. On the Atlantic side of Florida, having the deeper, colder water on the coast, there is an opportunity for surfing that the West Coast of Florida or Gulf Coast doesn’t offer. The Gulf Coast boasts shallower water with warm temperatures that, in the summer, are often referred to as bath water warm. Included in the Gulf Coast of Florida is the Panhandle with white sand beaches and emerald green waters.  

There are many different types of beaches in Florida, and a little research beforehand will help you to find the perfect spot for you and yours. Continue reading below for some of the best beaches in Florida. 

Hollywood Beach

Known for its clean, safe shoreline, families flock to Hollywood Beach for swimming and sunbathing. Hollywood Beach Broadwalk is a pedestrian paradise flanked by hotels, eateries, and shopping. Safe for families, this area is accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. Joggers and bike riders enjoy relative safety when not worried about vehicles in the auto-free zone. The park boasts an observation tower with available picnic areas and pavilions for shade. 

Daytona Beach 

They may not race on the sand anymore, but with the hard-packed sand of Daytona Beach, this is where racing all began. When the tide is low, the shoreline is an impressive 500 feet wid. You can still drive on the beach in approved sections making Daytona Beach very accessible, but be sure to follow the rules posted. Also, when you are done sunning and swimming, check out Ocean Walk Village for snacks and shopping. 

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is located in Southwest Florida on the Gulf Coast and is widely known for its abundance of seashells. There are so many shells underfoot on the sand that you have no choice but to walk on them. You will be doing the “Sanibel Stoop” by bending over to pick up shells by the handfuls. It is easy to see why shell gatherers consider Sanibel beaches some of the best beaches in Florida. The water is warm and fairly shallow, with beautiful white sugar sand and clear blue waters.

Clearwater Beach

If you are an adventurer who prefers to do more than just lay in the sand, be sure to check out the water sports like wave runners or even parasail rides. There are fishing docks and charters available for fishing and boating trips. Pier 60 is a very popular spot for anglers on Clearwater Beach. Be sure to watch for signs of stormy weather, as this area is known for frequent lightning strikes during inclement weather. 

Pack Your Flip-Flops

With over 200 beaches in Florida, there is really a little something for everyone. Pack your flip-flops and set out to explore the natural beauty of some of the best beaches in Florida. No matter if you enjoy the rush of water sports or just sunning yourself on the soft sandy beaches, Florida beaches offer a diverse array of activities and sightseeing opportunities for singles and families alike.