Ultimate Birthday Bash

Top Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are The Ultimate Birthday Bash!

It isn’t a question of if, but how many.

That is, how many times have you seen an escape room suggested as the best way to celebrate someone’s birthday – be it for an eight-year-old child or an eighty-year-old grandpa.

So the question is, why are escape rooms so popular as a birthday party venue?

What makes them the perfect way to mark the special day?

That’s what we are going to explore in this blog post.

They make for an unforgettable experience

They make for an unforgettable experience

While magic shows, karaoke, and other elements of traditional birthday parties will always be top party entertainment and activity choices, in many cases they can fall into the “been there, done that” category.

In other words, to make the occasion genuinely and uniquely memorable, you need to add an innovative activity to the mix.

And that’s where escape rooms outperform.

For example, Entermission VR Escape Room, one of the coolest birthday ideas melbourne has to offer, can transport the birthday boy/girl and their friends to anything from a journey through Alice’s Wonderland to an action-packed adventure in a building full of terrorists.

They instill camaraderie and shared achievement

To crack the puzzles, find the clues and win the game (before time runs out), all the players must work as a team, sharing observations and findings and helping one another out.

Occasionally, they all will have to brainstorm together on a particularly thorny puzzle.

This instills a sense of camaraderie and shared achievement, making it a memorable occasion.

Different and unique themes

Different and unique themes

Escape rooms offer games with a variety of themes ranging from magical to sci-fi, and from supernatural to gritty action thrillers.

We mentioned Entermission Melbourne transporting players to Alice’s Wonderland. Well, they also offer games set in the ruins of Chernobyl, experiences in creepy old houses and journeys into a madman’s mind.

On the other hand, if you’re a thriller aficionado, you could take a look at Brainxcape escape room nyc, where you can unravel cryptic clues in an eerily realistic setting of New York’s most infamous penitentiary, Rikers Island – amongst other adventures.

For all ages

There are numerous birthday party venues that appeal to kids but not adults…or to adults but aren’t suitable for kids.

An escape room, however, appeals to all ages.

The basic premise of the experience – solving puzzles to get to the bottom of a mystery within a set time – will prove a hit with every single guest no matter what their age.

Now, to be sure, some individual games may be unsuitable for young children, but on the whole, every escape room will offer some games that are for everyone.

Planning is a cinch

Planning is a cinch

Escape rooms take the stress of planning the party out of your hands. All you gotta do is make the booking – maybe contact them if you have any special requests (like hiding a birthday special clue in the game – and boom! You’re done!

Plus, many escape rooms offer additional facilities like catering, a special party room to carry on with the festivities after you’re done with the escape games and so on.

All of which gives you a one-stop shop for the event.

In conclusion, escape rooms are a unique, thrilling way to celebrate your birthday. So why not break away from the usual and give yourself a birthday to remember with an escape room adventure?

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