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Unbeatable Game. Why Choose an Online Casino With No Wagering Bonus?

If you ask any experienced casino player what feature irritates them the most, the majority of them would probably say wagering requirements. Anyone who gambled for the first time claimed a bonus, and ended up winning was in for an unpleasant surprise. They couldnít make a withdrawal until the bonus terms were met. Many casinos advertise fantastic welcome bonuses that come with big caveats. For regular players who frequently make deposits this isnít a big deal, but anyone who plays casually might feel misled. Choose an Online Casino-

In this article, we’ll examine what a no-wager casino or to Choose an Online Casino is and why it’s so popular with gamblers all around the world.

What Is a No-Wager Casino?

When it comes to withdrawing wins, no wager casinos provide their players more freedom. Almost every online casino offers new players a welcome bonus. When a player makes their initial deposit, they are usually prompted to claim the welcome bonus, or in some cases, they need to opt-out of the bonus before even making a deposit. This bonus typically matches your deposit and gives some free spins on top. However, this bonus isnít exactly free.††

Any extra funds you get need to be wagered a certain number of times, and in a lot of casinos, bonuses come with 50x wagering requirements. This means that if you got $50 extra you need to wager the amount that is 50 times higher, or $2500. No wagering casinos are different in the sense that they have a bonus that doesnít come with these terms. You can find casino with no wagering requirements by visiting different review sites and searching for that category. This means any bonus you get comes with no strings attached.†

This is obviously a lot better deal, but these deals are really rare and for a good reason. We will examine why these offers are so rare, and why they tend to be very modest compared to other available bonuses.†

Casino Bonus With Wagering Requirements vs Casino With No Wagering Bonus

The welcome bonus is a very common occurrence in this industry, and it aims to commit players to a certain gambling site. However, itís so much more than that. They give you free spins because they want you to play slots. Slots are the most profitable games for all casinos, and the bonus wagering requirements are easier to meet if you only play slots. Meaning operators expect to see big returns on those generous bonuses that they offer to the players.†

No wagering offers are basically free money. So, if a casino has a thousand users and gives a $10 now wagering bonus, they just lost $10,000. It makes sense if you view it as a marketing investment, but there is no one will be that thrilled over 10 bucks. Still, this is indeed the best and most generous type of offer you can come across, but they are rare and so modest. Alternatively, you can spend your welcome bonus, and if you didnít win anything just create an account on a new website. There is nothing preventing you from just abandoning that first online casino.††††

Pros and Cons of No Wagering Casinos

Letís quickly go over the pros and cons of no wagering casinos:


  • Players donít need to make additional deposits to be eligible for withdrawal
  • They make operators look good and can help them build loyalty
  • Even if itís a minor bonus, free money always feels good.†


  • Offers are hard to find
  • Operators donít find them profitable
  • They might have limited use

One of the main reasons why you should always play on no wagering platforms is because they indicate that the operator is performing well. It means they can afford to lose several thousand dollars to make their player base feel happier for choosing them.††