Best Trucker Hats

Top Tips to Buy the Best Trucker Hats

Everyone has their reasons to love hats. Some like to wear them for sun protection, some to save their bad hair day, while most would have it as a style accessory. So, it’s something you can’t resist having in your wardrobe. A trucker hat is a fashion staple that symbolizes American culture. Even though it has had its share of criticism in fashion streets, it still rules due to its versatility and practical design. Stores like have an incredible collection of the best trucker hats that you can check out.

What Is a Trucker Hat?

A trucker hat was once linked to the truckers, farmers, and other workers. This cap is also known as the mesh cap as it comes with a mesh panel at the back. The only difference you’ll find between these caps and the baseball caps is the mesh backing. This is one of the trucker hat’s exclusive features, as it helps to keep you sweat-free and cool even in harsh summers.

Ideally made of 100 percent cotton, they are super breathable, comfortable, and fit almost all head sizes due to the adjustable snapback closures.

So, here are some tips you can follow in choosing a hat that’s comfortable, long-lasting, and the right fit for you.

Top Tips to Buy the Best Trucker Hats

Style That Complements Your Face

  • Structured- A structured trucker hat features a stiff front panel reinforced with a thick fabric so that the cap can maintain its shape. The back panel has a typical mesh design and a button at the top. The stiff crown gives you a taller look, so it complements those who have a short and wide face with chubbier cheeks.
  • Unstructured- An unstructured hat comes with a front panel made of thin fabric and a typical mesh panel at the back. Due to its soft crown, it can’t hold its shape. It feels comfortable and conforms to the shape of your head. So, those with an oblong or large oval face can go for these hats.
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Choose The Right Material

Whenever you choose a trucker hat, you should make sure it’s made of durable material and can keep your head cool and sweat-free. Polyester, cotton, and nylon are considered the best material for a hat.

Cotton makes it breathable, keeping you cool and wicking away themoisture. Polyester gives it durability and strength. The nylon mesh also helps to prevent your head from getting sticky or damp. So, go for a combination of any of these materials.

Go For A Design That Fits You

Trucker hats come in fitted and adjustable styles. Fitted trucker hats are non-adjustable. Hence, make sure you get the correct size according to your comfort. Adjustable hats can have an elastic band, Velcro closure, metal buckle strap, or plastic snap closure to adjust the cap according to your head shape. Snapback trucker hats are quite popular due to their one-size-fits-all style.

A trucker hat is an excellent way to accessorize your look if you choose the right hat for yourself. These days you can find hats in a variety of designs and color options. Even some of them come with attractive logos and prints, such as the camouflage print. So, you can choose a style that fits your personality.