Often people send their children to study in other countries with world-famous universities. And this is not surprising, because parents want their children to be educated in world-renowned universities. However, those who moved to live in the UAE would not have to send their children to the other side of the world – several world-famous universities are located on the territory of this state. In addition, the cost of studying at universities in Dubai compares favorably with the most well-known educational institutions in Europe. We recommend you to go to each of the top universities and find out more about the study programs that interest you. 

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  • UAEU – United Arab Emirates University

The country’s most well-known public university was founded by the UAE’s first president. There are over 14,000 students studying there, including international students. Social sciences, law, medicine, economics and business, education, engineering, agriculture, information technology, and natural sciences are among the university’s nine colleges. 

This university is now ranked fifth in the Arab world. It boasts a diversified teaching team as well as a variety of student services. Some of the university’s proudest aspects are research facilities that examine crucial topics for the country’s development, such as water natural resources and cancer therapies.

  • Zayed University

This university has almost 6,000 students and 530 teachers. For the first ten years (from 1998 to 2008), this university was only open to women from the UAE, after which it was open to men and international students. The faculties that exist today are Arts and Sciences, Entrepreneurship and Business Sciences, media sciences and Communications, Pedagogy, Education and Information Technology.

It is one of four Middle Eastern universities accredited in the US higher education system. The next campus, in addition to the existing ones in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, will open in Ras Al Khaimah, which will expand the geographical coverage of the university.

  • Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research


This private university places a strong emphasis on practical studies. Despite its young age (it was founded in 2007), it was already ranked as 268th on the planet. Inter Ethnicity can be applied to not just students, but also teaching staff. With 13 undergraduate programs, 22 master’s programs, and seven PhD programs, it’s a small, almost “family” university.

Renewable energy, advanced materials and manufacturing, robotic systems, hydrocarbon exploration and production, water and the environment, healthcare, aerospace, robotic systems, artificial intelligence and data science, IT and communications, safety, logistics and supply chain management are among the most promising areas. The institution is not only closely related to UAE government programs, but it also works with foreign scientific institutions to strengthen its worldwide ties. 

  • University of Dubai

This university collaborates with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, thus it has strong ties to the business community and can provide internships that lead to full-time employment. The curriculum is based on the educational system in the US. 

A wide range of commercial, legal, engineering, and IT programs are available at the university. They work hard to develop and train future business leaders here. The university’s performance in this area can be shown in alumni accomplishments in many organizations. 

  • Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

It was opened in 2001 in Dubai with the aim of preparing highly qualified specialists in the field of tourism and hospitality. The university is part of the Jumeirah Group, an international hospitality management company that owns luxury hotels throughout the world. This gives the students of the Academy the opportunity to do an internship in first-class hotels in Dubai, as well as in hotels of well-known world hotel chains.

More than 60% of students studying at the university are foreigners who have come for education from different countries. Most of the professors of the Academy are recognized specialists in the field of tourism and hotel business from the USA, Europe, and Asia.