College Essay Examples That Actually Worked

Colleges require students to write essays before admission. Some may call them personal statements or admission essays. Their purpose is to let the admission department know you better. Each year, colleges receive high volumes of enrolment applications. 

Due to this, students should write the most attractive essays. Reading application essays from other applicants is a good way to learn. Some of the students wrote essays that actually worked for them.

Best techniques to use when writing a college essay

Most college essays do not exceed 500 words. Some colleges may advise you to write more words. This one or two-page essay could make the entire difference. The techniques you choose will determine whether you will be admitted. The reader expects you to answer several questions about yourself. 

One of the techniques is to pose the question to them. Make sure you start with an attractive hook. The hook creates momentum right at the start. Immediately after the hook, you may ask your question. Make sure it is relevant to your information. Ensure that you will eventually answer the question. You may ask a question such as, “what did he mean by that?”

Avoid summarizing your essay. It might not be convincing enough. Make the essay balanced by covering both the past experiences and future expectations. Open up more information that will make the reader connect with your story. 

Writing a college essay might not be easy for most students. Since it is a requirement, you must do all that you can to create an attractive essay. One of the ways to write is to learn first from college essays written in the past. You can learn by example with EduZaurus and discover essay writing tricks that will make your paper win. The free essay is written focusing on every basic tip that makes your writing noticeable. The inspiration and ideas you get will help you write uniquely. 

Tips for writing a quality college essay

To write an excellent college essay, you must pay attention to several issues. Pay close attention to every instruction. The reader will first check if you followed the instructions. It will either earn or deny you marks. Make sure you start with a strong introduction. Make it as attractive as possible. 

Throughout the writing process, make sure you remain authentic. The essay should not be about another person. It must be about yourself and your experiences in life. You will earn better marks if you tell a story about yourself. Support your ideas through examples. Pay attention to essay structure and stay away from cliches. Cliches do not distinguish your essay from thousands of other applicants. Make your essay as unique as possible.  

What you must never forget when writing a college essay

You may have good grades and test scores to present before the university admission team. Unfortunately, you can lose your chance if you forget the critical things. The role played by college essays is critical. It reveals who you are and why you desire to join the college. There are a few things that you must never forget. 

Never forget to pay attention to your strengths. Do not write about your strengths in terms of points. Instead, tell a short story that portrays the strengths. That person whom you helped or the community action you took is important. Avoid showing mediocrity. You are beyond the average applicant. Display a higher sense of wisdom in your writing. Never forget to take your time to write. Rushed college essays are not the best in terms of results. 

Techniques that are no longer relevant when writing a college essay

College essays are about you as an individual. Despite this fact, you must avoid indulging in personal affairs too much. You may want to go deeper into the graphical part, but this will not help. Dwell on the main issues without detailing too much. 

It is okay to read essay examples from other college applicants. However, it is not okay to copy their essays and submit them as your own. The reader will soon notice that you copied and will deny you admission. Humor is good but let it not look offensive. It may not add any relevance to your college essay. It is best to avoid the use of jokes and humor. 


Each year, thousands of students send applications for admission to various universities. One of the requirements is to write an admission essay. Although the essay is short, the process of writing can be tedious. Some students in the past wrote attractive essays that earned them a place in the best colleges. Every student should focus on writing an attractive essay. Avoid common mistakes and pay attention to your essay structure.