The Most Inspiring Handbags This Year

Every year, as the designers are busy preparing for fashion month, stylish individuals are excited to check out the range of fresh looks from clothes, accessories, to handbags. This year, fashionistas are shifting their focus to the trendiest and inspiring bags that are in the spotlight right now. 

Each year, the latest trends are always influenced by runway shows. As soon as the latest fashionable items are available in retail stores, stylish individuals immediately purchase them for this year’s wardrobe. Sometimes it is a challenge to pick the right choice of products that will fit you. To help you with your choices, here are the next-level handbags that are trending right now.

Sling Handbags

Sling handbags are getting a fashion upgrade this season. It is one of the IT bags this year. Before, sling bags are often used for travelling because it provides comfort to the person wearing it. This year, trendy individuals can see sling bags in different colours, styles, and shapes.

What makes sling bags popular among fashionistas is its versatility. You can wear this handbag on a casual day, travelling, going to school, or even use it in the office

The Micro Handbags

Who said that being tiny is not stylish? This year, micro bags are trending. This handbag is super small that your cellphone will probably not even fit. Due to its mobility, this bag is popular among women and provides its users with a liberating experience. It allows the person to carry the bag to bring items that are essentials only.

The Bigger, The Better

If there are micro bags, there are also larger than life handbags. The bigger they are, the better. Oversize tote bags are one of the must-haves for fashionistas. Unlike the mini bags where you can only put the essentials, with these supersize bags, you can put as many personal items as you wish to carry. Working individuals love the idea of a bag where they can put their laptop, umbrella, wallet, beauty case, pens, and other essential items that women always carry. 


Pouches are one of the bags that are taking over the trend. From slouchy pouches to puffy pouches, its cool and minimalist designs are everything you want in a fashionable bag. 

Pouches are the right match if you are looking for something elegant and dainty but not too small. It is one of the hottest handbag trends that delivers beauty while at the same time, offering a soothing look.

Natural Fibre Handbags

Woven handbags made of natural fibre are also among this year’s latest bag trends. As designers take inspiration with cultural traditions, natural bags are made of natural fibre-based materials, including wicker, straw, and rattan. It is the ideal go-to bag for the summer.

Bags are not just an accessory. How you like your bags says a lot about your personality. Regardless of its size, design, and colour, people use bags because it stores their cellphones, makeup, books, wallet, and other personal items that are termed as essentials.