The Best Gifts for the Animal Lover in Your Life

The Best Gifts for the Animal Lover in Your Life

Statistics show that we are a nation of animal lovers; as of 2023, 66% of American households own a pet with dogs and cats topping the list, although small animals, birds, reptiles and fish are also popular. Furthermore, it is clear that most people are ‘pro-animal’ and charities championing the rights of animals to live happy, healthy lives are more supported than ever. Taking into account our love and respect for our furry (and not so furry) friends, it’s very likely you will have an animal lover in your life.

Buying the right gifts for your loved ones can be difficult, especially for people who seem to have everything; even the more traditional gift options may not seem quite right. However, for those who love their pets and wildlife in general, there are plenty of options that are guaranteed to put smiles on their faces.

Gifts for Wildlife Enthusiasts

When we think of gifts for animal lovers, we may automatically think of our domestic pets. However, for those who enjoy spending time in nature and soaking up the sights and sounds of wildlife, it’s great to think outside the box. With a greater emphasis than ever on supporting nature and protecting the planet in the long term, there are many more products on the market to help local wildlife to thrive.

In view of the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem, creating a bee-friendly garden is a wonderful way to support the environment. As much of our natural habitat has been destroyed to make way for urban areas, bees sometimes struggle to find homes. Bee hotels can provide a much-needed refuge for them, although it’s very important to do some research and make sure the product is fit for purpose.

Wildlife lovers will also appreciate bird feeders which are bound to attract regular visitors. If they have a soft spot for squirrels, a separate feeder for them is a great idea, especially as squirrels prefer sunflower seeds and unroasted peanuts.

Clothing and Home Accessories

For animal lovers who can’t resist a bit of cuteness, there are plenty of gifts that are guaranteed to hit the mark, with all sorts of T-shirts, jumpers and good old-fashioned socks available. It’s even possible to buy personalized items, so if your loved one has a pampered pooch or moggy, you can add an adorable picture to a customizable product. 

These customizable items are not only restricted to clothing apparel. An animal lover might also appreciate cushions, mugs or keyrings. For an especially thoughtful gift, consider having a portrait painted to hang in the house; a special touch that goes a little further than a picture in a nice photo frame.

A blanket or throw is another useful option, as you can select products with a zebra or leopard print theme. For people who love being cosy, an animal themed hot water bottle could be a winner.

Entertainment – Games and Puzzles

Animal lovers may also appreciate a game. For those who enjoy a puzzle, there are a wealth of animal themed choices on the market. Photo printing companies often offer an option to upload a photo which they then print onto a jigsaw puzzle base, which can vary in size from those suitable for beginners to much larger jigsaws of up to 5000 pieces.

For a family game night, a board game is always a sure-fire winner. With a large variety of games on the market to suit both adults and children, there are plenty to choose from, even variations on the classic game Monopoly.

With the move towards a more digitalized age, animal fanatics can enjoy plenty of gaming apps on mobile devices, such as the extremely popular Animal Crossing and Crossy Road. Online casinos have also recognized the draw of animal themed games, combining the thrill of casino gaming with our love of creatures great and small, with pet games like Hot Cross Bunnies and Pandas Go Wild. If the animal lover in your life also enjoys playing casino games, a pre-paid gift card could be a perfect present. 

Adopting an Animal

Paying for a loved one to adopt an animal is a very meaningful gift. For someone who cares deeply about animals and wants to do their part in preserving the planet for the future, adopting an animal on their behalf allows them to play a key role in protecting the habitats they rely on. Charities such as the WWF and sea life charities direct this vital funding to supporting natural habitats and monitoring animal populations. 

From the WWF, people who adopt an animal receive welcome packs, cuddly toys and regular updates on how their animal is faring. Adopting through an organisation such as the WWF provides reassurance that the money is going to a worthy cause, benefitting animals in need all over the world. 

With a range of options available, identifying appropriate gifts for animal lovers is easier than ever. Whether they would love something cute, a gift that pays homage to their beloved pet or something to support their love of the environment and its wildlife, finding that perfect gift is sure to garner some well-earned brownie points.