How to Stop Your Homework From Wasting Your Time?

Are you always in a hurry when you are trying to finish your homework? You aren’t the only one doing so. Most modern students feel that homework is taking up too much of their time. You always wonder if it is fair of the teacher to give you so many books to read, papers to write and problems to solve. At times you start to feel if your teachers think you are a robot.?Experts say that high school students might be dealing with up to 2 hours of homework after class each day. Excessive homework can lead to severe physical and mental stress. It might even seem a bit unfair at times. This is why several expert teachers have come together to provide you to stop your homework answers on this site.

Finish Your Homework Fast Without Distractions

You must get rid of distractions from the environment you study in. Otherwise, these distractions would only prolong the time you spend with your homework and keep you away from what you want to do. Distractions can block your thought process and make it return to the previous point over and over again. Here are a few tips to manage your environment for optimal results:

  • Keep your study space well lit.?
  • Stay away from the comforts of a bed or a sofa.
  • Keep all electronics away. If you are working on your laptop, stay away from games or social media.
  • Allot yourself a time frame for your work and stick to it. Keep a timer at hand if necessary.?
  • If you need to ask for help, keep the conservation precise.

Prepare a Battle Plan

Before you get on with your homework, make a plan of how you’d want to go about doing it. Divide your work into smaller tasks and then assign a certain amount of time your think you will need to complete the task. Make sure you stick to the stipulated time limit you’ve assigned to reach the task.?

Get Your Supplies Together

Make a list of everything you need to complete that piece of homework and get them together. You don’t want to start working on it and then realize you have left one of the things somewhere else. Have your study materials ready at hand. Organize the sources you are going to need. Don’t just start with the first book you can get your hands on. You might reach the second one and realize that it is a better source for a piece that you just finished.?

Tackle the Hard Parts First

Once you’ve divided the work into different tasks, select the hardest ones first. Finishing the difficult chunks of work first will make the easier parts seem like a walk in the park. It will also act as self-motivation and build upon your confidence for the next piece of homework.

Cross off Tasks Once Completed

Crossing off completed pieces of the tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment. This will further act as self-encouragement to complete the entire assignment faster. You will find that you would push yourself harder to complete the next one even faster.?

Keep Motivating Yourself

Apply the carrot and stick theory to yourself. Think of a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow and keep reminding yourself of it. Most often you will find yourself working much harder when you can see that reward at the end of all that effort. There are a few more things you can do to keep the motivation levels high:

  • Take a break once in a while. It is not necessarily a bad thing to take short breaks. They refresh your mind and remove mental clogs.
  • If you are stuck at a problem, leave it and jump onto the next one. Come back to it later. Not being able to solve a particular problem can get frustrating and hamper your overall motivation.?
  • Allow your mind to wander for a little while at times. This will also allow your brain to access different insights and come up with valuable ones.?

Refer to the Class Notes

Hopefully, you must have taken class notes. Your assignments are often based on what you are taught in the classroom. The teacher would usually give you a few insights about homework before assigning you one. Those insights can help you with the sources to work on the given task.

Pretend That You Are the Teacher

Imagine that you are the teacher and you need to take a class of the subject assigned. How would you go about preparing yourself for the lecture? It will give you a sense of responsibility and help you finish the homework faster.?

Seek Help Online

If all fails, there are applications and websites to help you. Some might make it feel like cheating, but actually, it is just the same as asking someone you know for help. Except in this case you don’t know the person giving you the answers, just like you don’t know the person who wrote the book you’re reading.