housing marketplace in 2020

Best Real Estate Websites for Shared Housing Marketplace 2020

With newer technology, real estate platforms have gone through a complete makeover. This time, bringing with it a wider variety of options in terms of popular shared housing alternatives along with affordability and safety. With numerous options available for finding convenient and homely shared housing options, picking the correct one might seem like a mighty decision! Each website has its unique properties based on what you would prefer, and luckily for you, we?ve come up with a carefully curated list of the best real estate websites for the shared housing marketplace in 2020!

Roommates make EVERYTHING better. Find a shared housing marketplace in 2020 to experience it for yourself!?

  1. Cirtru

Cirtru is your one-stop destination for shared housing marketplace in 2020 and rental properties. Right from posting your room for rent to finding a suitable roomie for your place, Cirtru guides you throughout the process. With an extremely reliable team always on their toes to bring to the ease and comfort of an online roommate finder, you will never be alone during the overwhelming process of changing homes. No matter what part of the United States you are in, you can have multiple shared housing options at the tip of your finger!?

housing marketplace in 2020

In this day and age, shared housing marketplace in 2020 is one of the most convenient options due to the high rental costs in metropolitan cities like SF, NYC, and Chicago. Cirtru simplifies the process further because of the smart algorithm it uses to create the website. It only shows you relevant options based on filters like budget, neighborhood, and other preferences.?

2. Roomster

Want to look at verified rental listings? Roomster has got your back! Available across 192 countries, your search for rooms has never been more diverse than this! With apps available for both IOS and Android devices, you can scroll through thousands of listings no matter where you are! Want to find an inclusive neighborhood or a pet-friendly rental place? Roomster will find it for you in less than a New York minute! With hundreds of happy customers, find your roommate with Roomster NOW!???

3. SpareRoom

housing marketplace in 2020

SpareRoom brings in the combination of virtual and real-life screening processes. If you?re not satisfied with the roommate hunt being digital, you can always attend speed roommate-ing sessions in Brooklyn or Manhattan to bridge the gap! SpareRoom also provides you with personalized suggestions based on your preference to help you find a match in the least amount of time. Furthermore, SpareRoom has been featured by the notable New York Times for its commendable service to individuals looking for affordable and top-quality accommodation.?

4. Diggz

Diggz is another great alternative if you?re looking for rental properties. With a unique interface, the process of roommate hunting is even more exciting. Swipe right on the individuals you?d like to connect with and chat away to understand your compatibility! Having such an engaging algorithm, it is one of the best websites for finding shared accommodations online, from the comforts of your home! In a fast-paced life, having applications like Diggz on the go is very beneficial.?

5. Roomi?

Roomi provides you with the most credible roommates and house-sharing options online. It has a team of professionals who make sure to cross-reference the renter?s application with their social media to give you the best quality service.?

With a raging pandemic, almost all businesses have shifted to digital platforms for consumers? convenience and safety. A lot of people find it challenging to trust virtual applications for fear of being cheated. But with the comprehensive regulations that Roomi provides, you will never have to worry again!?

6. Roommates

Being in this business for almost a decade, Roommates is one of the most trust-worthy applications for finding rentals near you. Just enter the details regarding your preferred locations, and voila! Before you know it, you?ll have the rented home of your dreams! To make things less pricey, especially in big cities like Los Angeles or Washington D.C, look for roommates in a secured manner to slash your rental costs while having company in a new town!?

housing marketplace in 2020

If you find yourself stuck at any point while using the application, you can seek help from the speedy support team, who will solve any issues you have been facing! Hence, from the time you sign up till the time you find what you?re looking for, you will always have assistance in each step if you opt for Roommates!?

7. Roomiematch?

Find a suitable roommate securely with Roomiematch! They believe in having total transparency between both parties, making the process more secure than ever. With a team continually reviewing your options and fending off spamsters, you will be protected from any online fraud or fake profiles. Signing up is completely free, but you can always pay a small fee to boost your profile to get a larger number of applicants to choose from!???

Keeping your alternatives in mind, use the most convenient application with an algorithm built for your needs to find THE roommate for your shared housing situation, and have an excellent renting experience!